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Attribute (computing)


In computing, an attribute is a specification that defines a property of an object, element, or file. It may also refer to or set the specific value for a given instance of such. ... Each named attr...

Driver-Specific Data Types, Descriptor Types, Information Types ...


Before implementing driver-specific values, a driver writer must request a value for each driver-specific type, field, or attribute from Open Group. For new driver ...

Attributes of Types - Khronos Group


You may specify type attributes in an enum , struct or union type declaration or ... force the compiler to ensure (as far as it can) that each variable whose type is struct S or ... See your platform-specific documentation for further information.

Types of product attributes - by scope - X-Cart 5 Knowledge Base


May 15, 2014 ... Product-specific attributes are attributes that are configured on the level ... a separate product class for each type of your products (for example, ...

Defining and Measuring Psychological Attributes


Therefore, all psychological attributes should reveal individual differences. .... All together this represents 180 different types of specific intelligence. Cognitive ...

About Attributes — Chef Docs


Aug 16, 2011 ... An automatic attribute is a specific detail about a node, such as an IP ..... Each attribute type—automatic, default, normal, and override—may ...

Orchestration Attributes Specific to Each Object Type


Orchestration Attributes Specific to Each Object Type. You can specify various object types in an orchestration, including launch plans, networking objects such  ...

CMDB-Configuration Item Types - ManageEngine


Each CI Type can be defined with specific Attributes and Relationships that are unique for the CIs classified under them. In case your CI Type structure is ...

Animal Types and Characteristics | Garst Wildlife Photos | Libraries ...


Animal Types and Characteristics. tiger. Mammals. body covered by hair or fur; warm-blooded; have a backbone; produce milk. Frilled Dragon Reptiles.

General Object Attributes


General Object Attributes. Introduction ... For more information on the other, object type-specific attributes, please see the articles on each type of object.

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Plan Characteristics and Types | Affordable Care Act Health ...


Understanding Plan Characteristics and Types; Health Maintenance ... As you read about each type, remember that today's health coverage market often .... The Department of Health and Human Services has defined specific services that  ...

CSS Attribute Selector - W3Schools


It is possible to style HTML elements that have specific attributes or attribute values. ... The following example selects all <a> elements with a target attribute: ...

Types of Waves | Science Primer


Every sound we hear, every photon of light that hits our eyes, the movement of grass blown by the ... Different types of waves exhibits specific characteristics.