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Blue mold is a downy mildew disease of tobacco that is caused by Peronospora tabacina, a fungus-like protist in the family Peronosporaceae. Blue mold can ...

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Dangers of blue mold in the home. Where it is typically found, health problems caused by blue colored mold, how to safely remove it. Cleaning up toxic mold, ...

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Mycotoxins are harmful to humans and animals. Mold spores including those of blue mold can cause allergic reactions to sensitive people when inhaled.

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The US government claims that the black mold (aspergillius) and the blue and white mold (pencillium) can produce cancer-causing toxins when grown on grain.

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It is characterized by green, blue, or black patches around your home or workplace. ... Toxic Mold contains allergens that are known to cause allergies in people ...

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Usually it will appear rather as just black spots, or dark green of blue spots, and these ... Many different conditions are caused by mold and this is a big part of the  ...

Blue Mold


Under cold storage conditions, blue mold lesions (from wound infections) caused by the common species may be expected to be one to one and a quarter ...

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Blue mold of commercial tobacco is caused by Peronospora tabacina, a fungus- like organism that is highly destructive to tobacco seed beds, transplants and ...

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One mold that grows on lemons looks like a blue-green powder. ... Aflatoxin is a cancer-causing poison produced by certain fungi in or on foods and feeds, ...

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Jul 6, 2009 ... green/blue colored mold is growing in the basement I have a ... mask and gloves and bleach I know mold can cause serious health problems.

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Q: What Causes Blue Eyed Mold?
A: Blue-eye is the common name for a fungal disease that infects corn when it is harvested and stored rather than when it is still on the plant. The condition is s... Read More »
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Q: What Causes Mold in the Closet?
A: Mold can appear in many colors, from white to black with numerous shades in between. It can also appear in different consistencies, from velvet to slimy, depend... Read More »
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Q: What causes mold to increasedecrease?
A: mold increases by moisture and it decreases by lack of moisture. mold increases by moisture and it decreases by lack of moisture. Read More »
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Q: What causes mold to grow?
A: Answer moist air, dust, and food Answer three things - organic particles (such as dust or rotting plants); very high moisture areas; and warm areas (mold can gr... Read More »
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Q: What is in bread that causes it to mold.
A: Yeast is a living organism that is used during the making of dough, it if also the primary reason bread molds. When left in a humid environment the yeast begins... Read More »
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