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The Maidu are an indigenous people of northern California. They reside in the central Sierra ... Like many other California tribes, the Maidu were hunters and gatherers and did ... from the pool of ...

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Guards were posted to make sure that people from other communities did not hunt or fish there. People did not usually travel more than 20 miles from home ...

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Information about the Maidu Indians for students and teachers. ... The Maidus only painted their faces for dances and ceremonies, but they did wear tribal tattoos.

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Have you ever wondered what the Maidu Indians wore and what they were made from? I have. I know the Maidu ... Maidu would wear skirts made from woven dried leaves.The Maidu girls need to ... What did Maidu men wear? The men of the ...

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The first people who lived in Nevada County were the Maidu Indians. ... Look carefully, and you can sometimes find smooth rounded holes that were worn into ... Nevada County Commerce - Did you know that there is FREE advertising available ... Sierra Foothills Lodging - We would like to invite you to stay in lovely Placer ...

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The first people who lived in Nevada County were the Maidu Indians. ... Look carefully, and you can sometimes find smooth rounded holes that were worn into the rocks by ... If the girl did not want him, she sat up all night, if necessary. ..... After this she was washed by women in a sand pit like that used for leaching acorns.

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The Maidu. The Maidu (MY doo) of central California lived in the ... Maidu beliefs honored the natural world. The Maidu ... cotton. Maidu men wore decorative belts like this one during ... What ceremonies did local Indian groups hold to show.

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As with other tribes of California Indians, the Maidu ate seeds and acorns and hunted ... Like many other central California tribes, the Maidu practiced the Kuksu  ...

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Culture, history and genealogy of the Maidu Indians. ... Ataniel fiction * Indian turquoise jewelry. Would you like to help our organization preserve Maidu?

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Maidu Indian Language (Maidun, Nisenan, Konkow) ... Native American tattoos. Would you like to sponsor our work on the Maidu Indian language?

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Find answers to questions like where did the Maidu tribe live, what did they wear and what food did they eat? Discover what happened to the Maidu tribe with ...

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The Maidu Indians are native to central and northern California, around the Sacramento area east into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Four groups of Native ...

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Also in 1990, 154 Indians of mixed tribes, including Maidu, lived at Susanville, and 577 Maidu and other ... Konkows refused to eat bear and mountain lion.