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The flag of France is a tricolour flag featuring three vertical bands coloured blue ( hoist side), ... Under Napoleon I, the proportions were changed to make the stripes' width equal, but by a regulation dated 17 ... The colours of the French flag may also represent the three main estates of the Ancien Régime (the clergy: white, ...


Although the colors of the French flag are the same as the American and the British flag -- red, white, and blue -- you may wonder what the French flag colors ...


Nov 17, 2015 ... The French flag was officially adopted on February 15, 1794. ... Red, white and blue have come to represent liberty, equality and fraternity - the ideals of the French Revolution. Blue and red are also the time-honored colors of Paris, while white is the color of the Royal ... Do You Come From Royal Blood?


Feb 9, 2008 ... ... banner of St. Martin, Oriflamme of St. Denis, white flag of St. Jeanne d'Arc. ... the colors of the French flag – considered one of the modern symbols ... decided in 1124 for the first time that the Oriflamme would be carried in ...


The national flag of France features three vertical bands with the colors blue, white and red, representing the ideals of the French Revolution: liberty, equality ...


Over the years, the colours of the French National flag have come to represent liberty, equality, and fraternity - all ideals associated with the French Revolution.


France flag colors - meaning/symbolism of National flag of France - pictures history facts - All about France flag information for kids.


French Flag. ... These three colours are intricately linked to the history of France. ... represents the Bourbon monarchy, and the red and blue are the colours of the  ...


Feb 7, 2017 ... France is a very patriotic country, and wherever you go in France, you are sure to see the French flag hoisted on private and state buildings.


The Tricolore, Tricolor or Tricolour, national flag of France. ... vertically striped flag - ie like the modern French flag, but with the colours reversed. ... to tell - it certainly does not work well for flat rectangles on the page (see the flag on the left ).