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The Flag of Netherlands
The flag of Netherlands has three equal horizontal bands of red (top), white, and blue; similar to the flag of Luxembourg, which uses a lighter blue and is longer
National Anthem: Het Wilhelmus (The William)
Flag of:


The flag of the Netherlands (Dutch: Vlag van Nederland) is a horizontal tricolor of red, white, .... Which of the two flags should be the national flag was left undecided. .... While the colours red, white and blue refer to the flag of the Netherlands. ... The origin of the monogram as well as its initials and its meaning is not known.


A flag guide illustrating the significance of the Netherlands flag including a full description of the flag. ... Netherlands Flag Meaning: ... The Russian flag would then inspire the flags of many other Slavic nations, and the colors became known as ...


At one time this tricolor flag was orange, white and blue, as those were the livery colors of William of Orange, a Dutch prince. In the 17th century, red replaced the  ...


Netherlands flag colors - meaning/symbolism of National flag of Netherlands - pictures history facts - All about Netherlands flag information for kids.


The Netherlands flag features three bands of color: red on the top, white in the middle and blue on the ... What do the colors on the Russian flag represent?


With the three colors present in the flag of the Netherlands, you can easily set it apart from the rest. Its horizontal fesses are of equal sizes. There is a time when ...


A national flag can sometimes offer clues to a country's identity – and sometimes learning what the colors of the flag mean just makes you better at trivia games.


Why the Dutch wear orange, even though the flag of the Netherlands is Red, White and ... After all, the colors of the official Dutch flag are red, white, and blue. ... Revelers can be heard to sing, “Oranje boven, oranje boven. leve the Koning!


The province of Zealand had similar colours: its flag showed a red lion arising out of ... The Dutch flag at sea after 1577 was an orange-white-blue horizontal ... Usually people can tell which flag belongs to which country, especially given the  ...