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A woodlouse (plural woodlice), also known by many common names (see below) , is an isopod crustacean with a rigid, segmented, long exoskeleton and ...

Woodlouse (Oniscidea) - Animals - A-Z Animals - Animal Facts ...


The woodlouse is a herbivorous animal and therefore only eats organic plant matter. The woodlouse rarely eats live plants and feeds on the decaying leaf and  ...

Woodlice fact sheet - Waltham Forest Council

www.walthamforest.gov.uk/Documents/Woodlice fact sheet.pdf

Woodlice fact sheet. Woodlice may look like insects, but in fact they're crustaceans and are related to crabs and lobsters. It's thought there are about 3,500 ...

i now have two woodlice eating spiders! - YouTube


May 31, 2013 ... i managed to find both a male and a female and they are both fully matured :D.

Welcome to the weird and wonderful world of woodlice!


Jun 25, 2003 ... The woodlice is a familiar creature to most people, various species appear .... ( another spider in this genus also exists and also eats woodlice).

Cooking and eating woodlice (pillbugs) – a real bushcraft ...


Jan 25, 2012 ... But I came face to face with a cooked woodlouse recently when we made a woodlandsTV film about finding, cooking and eating woodlice.

Gordon's Woodlice Care Sheet - The Earth Life Web


Though the Woodlice will feed on the scraps that you put in they will also feed on their own faeces, this is quite natural, what they are actually eating is the fungi ...

NaturePlus: What do woodlice eat


May 19, 2010 ... British woodlice herbivores (plant-eaters) and generally eat dead or decaying vegetation. We have one species that lives on the seashore and ...

Garden Pest Wood Lice Tips - Organic Gardening and Farming Pest ...


Control of garden pest Wood Lice starts with an understanding of their biology and needs. These small (up to 1.5 cm), grey critters have many aliases – Slater, ...

Woodlice - Bumblebees


UK woodlice (and most others) feed mainly on rotting vegetation, algae, bacteria, fungi and animal remains and so help ...

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Q: What eats woodlice?
A: A woodlouse spider. Read More »
Source: wiki.answers.com
Q: What animal eats woodlice?
A: a poop Read More »
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Q: What do woodlice eat.
A: Woodlice eat decaying or soft wood. They also eat rotting plant matter such as fruit and leaves, and they eat other animal's waste to provide them with key nutr... Read More »
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Q: What do woodlice eat?
A: Woodlice need moisture because they breathe through gills, called pseudotrachea, and so are usually found in damp, dark places, such as under rocks and logs. Th... Read More »
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Q: What do woodlice eat?
A: They are all usually found amongst rotting vegetation, detritus, in fact any organic layer or pile, such as a compost, all of which they consume. Also, they are... Read More »
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