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Feb 13, 2016 ... What happens if a dog repeatedly eats cat food? ... Cat food is so appealing to dogs that they'll even enjoy eating it even after it has been ...

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While a little taste of your kitty's food won't hurt your dog, if he is eating cat food as his ... Cats require a higher protein diet than dogs because they are obligate ...

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Cats are obligate carnivores—they must eat meat in order to maintain their health —while dogs are omnivores, ... What Will Happen if Your Dog Eats Cat Food.

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Dec 28, 2016 ... All dogs love it, but should they have it? ... If your dog eats a lot of cat food on a regular basis, or if you are feeding your dog a diet of cat food instead of dog food, ... RELATED: What Happens When A Dog Reverse Sneezes?

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Aug 14, 2013 ... Cats are obligate carnivores, meaning they need to eat meat as their main food source, whereas dogs are omnivores and need a diet with more ...

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tl;dr: Yes, but it's not healthy in the long run. In fact, dogs seem to really like eating cat food. ... What happens if my cat eats dog food? ... Can they? Yes. Should ...

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Aug 21, 2009 ... Find out if dogs can eat cat food & if cats can eat dog food on petMD. ... Every week they will tackle entertaining, interesting, and sometimes difficult ... This also happens when cats eat a fish-only diet, since fish meat is so ...

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These teeth are designed to bite, tear, and chew raw meat, so when a dog or cat eats kibble, they either swallow it whole or shatter it. Kibble does not scrape ...

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May 24, 2011 ... They're both covered in fur, walk on four legs, have whiskers and expressive tails -- how different can your dog and cat possibly be?

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It's not too bad for a dog to eat cat food if that's what she likes to eat. It's got ... I can't see it as a bad thing for dogs to eat if that's what they like. :smile: ... http:// pets.thenest.com/happens-dog-eats-cat-food-long-time-5430.html