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The terms dismissal and discharge in a bankruptcy case are two different terms which have two completely different meanings. DISMISSAL If the Chapter 13 ...


If your bankruptcy is dismissed without prejudice, you can refile immediately.


May 1, 2012 ... Angie filed a bankruptcy with some other lawyer. Her bankruptcy was "dismissed. " She emailed me yesterday, looking for a lawyer she could ...


If your bankruptcy case is dismissed then your bankruptcy is over. However, depending on the situation, you may be able to file bankruptcy again.


Jun 21, 2012 ... Trying to understand the differences between bankruptcy dismissal and discharge? If so, this article provides the answer.


The goal in bankruptcy is to get a discharge. A discharge is when your debts are wiped out. Dismissal is when your case kicked out.


For example, if the court discharges your bankruptcy, you are no longer liable for your debts. If your bankruptcy is dismissed, however, you are still on the hook ...


But sometimes you might want to dismiss your bankruptcy case yourself -- perhaps ... you can dismiss your case yourself, and what to do if your case is dismissed.


Bankruptcy is a legal process by which debtors may restructure or obtain relief from overwhelming debts and get a fresh start on building a positive economic ...