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There are 26 bones in the foot, all of which can be fractured. There are different types of fractures. Sometimes a bone breaks but stays in place (non-displaced).

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You have five metatarsal bones in your foot. A metatarsal fracture is ... Acute metatarsal breaks (fractures) can be displaced or non-displaced. They may be open ...

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A foot fracture is a break in one or more of the bones in your foot. Foot fractures are ... foot fractures? Nondisplaced: The bone cracks or breaks but stays in place.

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Fractures of the toe and metatarsal bones are common and require evaluation by a specialist. ... your toe. Traumatic fractures can be displaced or nondisplaced.

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Sep 15, 2007 ... Nondisplaced fractures of the metatarsal shaft usually require only a soft ... Because the first metatarsal is larger and more important for foot ...

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The forefoot has 5 metatarsal bones and 14 phalanges (toe bones). ... Fractures may either be "non-displaced," where the bone is cracked but the ends of the ...

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FOOT FRACTURE (NONDISPLACED). The Student Health Provider has diagnosed a fracture (break) of your foot. As with any broken bone, the injury is serious, ...

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Metatarsal fractures are second only to toe fractures as being the most common type of ..... fracture) (24-26). Nondisplaced fractures involving the first zone, distal.

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stress fractures, or body fractures, both displaced ... foot and not directly over the talonavicular joint. Sometimes ... Non-displaced vertical or horizontal fractures.

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Treat minimally displaced or nondisplaced fractures with immobilization without weight bearing. Displaced fractures usually require open reduction and internal ...