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Climate[edit]. The swamp has a continental climate (Walter system) or taiga ( WWF system), with long cold winters and short hot summers.

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The average temperature range of the world's swamps is between 15 C and 35 C . Swamps fall into two categories: swamp forests and shrub swamps. Bogs are ...

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There is no particular temperature specific to every swamp. Swamps are defined by their humidity, as land that remains wet throughout the year, and swamps ...

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True swamps are found from the subarctic to the heart of the tropics, native to a significant range of climate zones. They may be permanent or seasonal in nature,  ...

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Swamps develop in moist climates, generally in such places as low-lying coastal plains, floodplains of rivers, and old lake basins or in areas where normal ...

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Swamps exist in many kinds of climates and on every continent except Antarctica. They vary in size from isolated prairie potholes to huge coastal salt marshes.

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Apr 3, 2012 ... Climate, Vary depending on the location: −58 °F, 51 °F or 122 °F. Plants, Water plants, trees, mangrove and shrubs. Animals, Amphibians ...

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Oct 26, 2015 ... And, what were the parameters based on which the climate alert was sounded against the swamp tiger? "Those already battling for survival.