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An online visit to a website such as Frog Life Cycle helps you identify the type of frog you have, and it provides colorful photos and descriptions. There are over 80 different typ...

Hairy Frog


The hairy frog (Trichobatrachus robustus), also known as the horror frog or ... says that this type of weaponry appears to be unique in the animal kingdom, ... NewScientist news service: 'Horror...

Frogs and Toads


Toads in North America are from a family of frogs called Bufonidae. ... water have webbed feet to help with swimming and those who live mostly on land do not. ... hop or even leap, up to as much as more than 30 times their own body length!

Post Metamorphosis Grow-a-frog Frog Care


What kind of frog is it ? ... What kind of guarantee does my frog have ? ... Of course, your froglets do not eat tadpole food, but it will not hurt them at all. ..... You are entitled to a free frog for any reason if you own a Grow-a-frog and experience a ...

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... a comfortable and homelike frog habitat in a terrarium in your own home. ... For many kinds of frogs, you'll be looking for a terrarium that opens in the front and ... pet frogs that are entirely aquatic, and a large fish tank will do nicely for them; ...

Frogs - National Wildlife Federation


Frogs do some things that might seem strange to you. But that's just ... It can leap about 50 times its own body length. ... Each kind of frog has its own song.

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Why do frogs eat their own skin? Why do frogs have such big ... Toads are actually just a type of frog (all toads are frogs, but not all frogs are toads!). Toads have ...

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What do frogs eat? Frogs and toads are ... Some kinds of frogs can jump distances up to 20 times their own body length in a single leap. ... Why do frogs croak?

Frog Facts - Do All Frogs Sounds the Same? - Kidzone


DO ALL FROGS SOUND THE SAME? frog sounds No! Every different species of frog makes it's own special sound and it is only the male frog that can croak.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frogs


Aug 10, 2001 ... Frogs and toads are amphibians, which means they live their lives both in water and on land. ... Do all frogs live in the water? No. ... Why do the eggs have to be in water? ... How many kinds of frogs can be found at Fermilab?

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The reality is, a lot of frogs don't really do much, and they aren't exactly something you .... I suspect that the types of frogs that appear in such climates probably ...

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How do I figure out what kind of frog I've got? How do I tell if .... Some Cuban Tree frogs will even eat members OF THEIR OWN SPECIES if they are big enough!

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Unlike many other types of herps, like alligators or snakes, frogs have the wonderful ... in their natural habitat do well in taller tanks which better suit their instincts. ... instructions from the National Wildlife Federation to build your own frog pond.

Frequently Asked Questions About Frogs - Annenberg Media


A. Yes. Because there are so many different kinds of frogs, each species must have its own distinct call in order to attract the right mates. Q. How do frogs hear?

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There are too many frogs/toads in the pond/garden, what shall I do? ... amphibians (particularly common frogs and smooth newts) should find their own way to ...