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The hummingbird hawk-moth is a species of moth that resembles hummingbirds. The moth also has similar hovering behavior and its wings produce a humming noise when flapping.


The hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) is a species of moth. ... They are said to look like the flower buds of the host plant Galium, and that is ... the highest recorded for hawk-moths, and near the limit for insect muscle activity.


What you have seen is one of a number of moth species commonly called " hummingbird," "sphinx," or "hawk" moths. Look under the Family Sphingidae or ...

Sep 15, 2013 ... This strange creature looks and acts like a hummingbird, but has six legs ... shocked at how fast it was and we knew it was some sort of moth.


Hovering like a hummingbird this snowberry clear wing moth is sipping ... one of the most delightful insect visitors to your garden is the hummingbird moth.


Aug 19, 2014 ... It's a rare thing: An insect ... that acts like a bird. ... that there are several types of moths that mimic hummingbirds. ... "They are diurnal, so they are easily seen during the day foraging alongside bees if you know what to look for.


Apr 20, 2017 ... Hummingbird moths look like hummingbirds, but these clues can help ... to look for can help you tell the difference between these large insects ...


The Hummingbird Moth, Hemaris thysbe, the Little Bug Who Looks Like A Bird ... kinds of sphinx moths, including the hummingbird and one that mimics the ...


It has a long beak/nose black that looks like a needle (about the length ..... examination I noticed it looked more like a some type of flying insect.


However, several bugs exist that look remarkably like hummingbirds and are easy to mistake for them at first glance. All these bugs are moths belonging to the  ...