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The hummingbird hawk-moth is a species of moth that resembles hummingbirds. The moth also has similar hovering behavior and its wings produce a humming noise when flapping.

Hummingbird hawk-moth


The hummingbird hawk-moth (Macroglossum stellatarum) is a species of ... noise , make it look remarkably like a hummingbird while feeding on flowers. ... the highest recorded for hawk-moths, and near...

I saw a moth that looks like a hummingbird. What is it? | Butterflies ...


What you have seen is one of a number of moth species commonly called " hummingbird," "sphinx," or "hawk" moths. Look under the Family Sphingidae or ...

The Hummingbird Moth, Hemaris thysbe, the Little Bug Who Looks ...


The Hummingbird Moth, Hemaris thysbe, the Little Bug Who Looks Like A Bird ... kinds of sphinx moths, including the hummingbird and one that mimics the ...



Sep 15, 2013 ... Strange Bird Bug. This strange creature looks and acts like a hummingbird, but has six legs and antennae. What in the world is it? Well, it is a ...

Hummingbird Moth - USDA Forest Service


Hovering like a hummingbird this snowberry clear wing moth is sipping ... one of the most delightful insect visitors to your garden is the hummingbird moth.

What Exactly Is That Birdlike Thing? : The Protojournalist : NPR


Aug 19, 2014 ... It's a rare thing: An insect ... that acts like a bird. ... explains that there are several types of moths that mimic hummingbirds. ... But once you know what a Hemaris looks like, she says, you will not mistake it for anything else.

What is a Hummingbird Moth? - Hedgerow Rose


Jul 13, 2011 ... Strange and wonderful, they do indeed look like tiny hummingbirds in flight, or as my ... There are two types of North American Hummingbird Moths: the ... which looks very much like a bumblebee, and the Hummingbird Clearwing ..... it let me get my face within 6 inches until I finally saw it was an insect.

Hummingbird Imposters | Missouri Department of Conservation


Jun 2, 2001 ... There is an insect that looks and acts like a hummingbird and is even named after a hummingbird. It's called a hummingbird clearwing, and it's ...

Is it Rare to See a Hummingbird Moth? | Animals - mom.me


Hummingbird moths range throughout North America, but spotting this masterpiece of Mother ... A Bird or a Bug? ... The moth's long proboscis looks like a beak, but when it's not in use it gets furled up and is therefore unseen. ... and a protrusion on his back end resembling a horn, is a fat, tasty treat for many kinds of birds...

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Q: What insect looks like a hummingbird?
A: The hummingbird moth is often mistaken for a hummingbird because of its coloration and movements. Additionally, unlike most moths, hummingbird moths are active ... Read More »
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