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The Top 10 Best Pet Birds


BIRD TALK Magazine readers ranked the top 10 best pet birds. Here are the ..... Another consideration is what kind of diseases each species is prone to get.

What is the best pet bird for you? Quiz - Pet Birds


Apr 16, 2016 ... Finding the best pet bird is not an easy task, but this simple quiz will show you what bird is best to be ... What kind of dwelling do you live in?

Types of Pet Birds


Mar 21, 2016 ... The pet birds below have been organized by size. This may help you figure out which are good first-time birds and which birds require more ...

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May 21, 2013 ... Best Birds for a Beginner | Pet Bird ... Doctor Hess: So, what are the best bird pets for beginners? ... Parrot Types; Which one is best for You?

Choosing Your Bird: The Best Birds for Beginners - dummies


Some pet retailers see birds as products to be sold as quickly and efficiently as possible. Rapid stock turnover may be good for profits, but not for pets. Deal with  ...

Choosing the Right Companion Bird - Petfinder


Dr. Michael Krinsley, D.V.M. How do you know if a bird is the right pet for you? And how do you decide what type of bird will best suit your household? The.

Which Pet Bird Would Be Best For You? - ProProfs Quiz


Are you interested in adopting a bird? Take this quiz to find out which type you should get! (Please keep in mind that this quiz is not by an expert in birds.

Top 10 'Talking' Birds | petMD


Some people want a pet that they can exercise and play with, and some people ... That's all good for them, but there are those of us who want a companion that we ... The type of bird one chooses must be paired suitably with the environment in ...

Top 10 Best Kind Of Pet Parrots - Pet Photos


Apr 20, 2010 ... Parrot is a common choice for a pet because they belong to the brightest line between pets and birds for long life. Some species of parrots can ...

Exotic Pet Bird Selector A Pets Selector - SelectSmart.com


Yes, I am interested in the type of pet generally that is most appropriate for me. ... Pet Bird Selector" because I want to select the breed of bird that's best for me. 1.

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Top 9 Best Pet Birds For Kids


Teach your kids values of pet bird ownership before you get a parrot or other type of pet bird.

The 10 Best and Worst Reasons to Get a Pet Bird - Mercola.com


Jan 20, 2011 ... A pet bird can be a blessing or a curse - find out the top 10 best and worst ... Certain types of birds, parrots for example, pick up words, phrases ...

Top Friendly Bird Species That Make Great Pets


You might just find the best pet for you listed among these popular birds! ... Check out the species listed below to learn more about the types of pet birds that ...