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When deciding which fish species will live together in your aquarium, ... An aquarium with a large school of colorful tropical fish can be very impressive. View fish ...

How to Know Which Fish to Put Together in a Tank: 7 Steps


Most freshwater "community" fish can be together such as tetras, danios, guppies, mollies, platies, rasboras, corys, ... Schooling fish should be kept in schools (6 or more) of each species. ... Can goldfish and tropical fish live in the same bowl?

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To help you choose the right fish to keep together, use our compatability chart which shows what fish species will live together happily, which should be kept ...

How to Choose Fish For Your Freshwater Aquarium


Choosing the correct tropical fish for your aquarium requires a good understanding ... When they are guarding their young or eggs they can be very aggressive ... However, some species (dwarf cichlids and angelfish) will live together well in a ...

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This is due to some of the fish being able to live in both freshwater and salt water. We have put together these Brackish Tropical Fish profiles to highlight the ease of ... Generally speaking the Gourami fish species is quite placid and can exhibit  ...

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Jun 21, 2013 ... Each type of aquarium has it's own benefits and species of fish unique to the water temperature of your tank. Generally ... You will enjoy seeing the group moves together through the aquarium. ... They can live up to 5 years with proper care. ... A heated tank allows you to keep a wider variety of tropical fish.

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Nov 16, 2008 ... Not all tropical fish can be kept together. Some are aggressive, others have special water requirements, but there's hundreds of species that do happily get .... With all three methods, you can add as many live plants as you like ...

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Dec 7, 2015 ... Semi-aggressive freshwater fish can get along in your tropical aquarium, ... The gourami is considered a semi-aggressive fish species. .... is vastly different than the tropical lakes and rivers most other aquarium fish live in. ... to learn about them and understand which fish can and should be kept together.

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Feb 28, 2014 ... In any aquatic store you can find hundreds of different species alongside ... not all these fish can be kept together, and choosing the wrong fish can result in ... and will live out the duration of their lives happily in your aquarium.

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Keeping different types of tropical fish is a great hobby, and it's an ideal one for ... of these little guys swimming around together in a school of 7,8 or more can be an ... Note that they do like to eat live food, as well as flakes, and so if you are ...

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a guide for helping you decide what tropical fish may be kept together to form a ... try to explain what a "community aquarium" is, the type of fish we can keep in it .... If your not using live plants you can add them now and fill the tank almost full.

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These freshwater tropical fish species are great choices for the beggining aquarist! ... These fish are easy to keep and, if treated properly, can live up to ten years. .... species of community fish can be kept in a tank together, some larger breeds ...

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Recently I've taken a great interest in catfish of all kinds. Quite frankly, I feel like a beginning aquarist all over again. If the catfish get along with my other tropical fish, they don't get along with each other and ... How can I tell what fish are going to be compatible? ... That is, the capacity to live together, not mere...