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Nov 29, 2011 ... Here are six features to look for in your next survival knife. ... While I love a good folder for Every Day Carry (EDC), a fixed blade has the upper ... shelters, a sharpened back edge would make this function nearly impossible.


A good survival knife should be an all purpose utility knife, not a tactical knife with a heavy, full tang, quality steel fixed blade with a solid handle.


f you've read Survival Knives 101: The Uses of a Good Survival Knife, you'll know ... Softer steel in the blade makes it easier to bend it but at a certain point may ...


You can do a LOT to survive in the wilderness with nothing but a good knife. Here are 7 things you should consider when choosing a survival knife. ... tools when there is a chance it will make the knife hard to work with or even injure you?


May 29, 2012 ... Is there such a thing as the perfect survival knife? Probably not. But, these 20 blades are damn close.


Knowing what to look for when choosing a survival knife is just as important as .... This allows it to make a good hitting platform when pounding it with a hard stick ...


Whether you're headed into the wilderness or simply preparing for the next apocalypse, a folding knife will serve you well but a good survival knife makes all the ...


A good survival knife is able to serve a variety of purposes, including: ... It also can make the knife more balanced, since the weight of the metal extends through  ...


First lets talk about a few things you should avoid in a survival knife. Double edged blades do not make good survival knives. They are designed more for ...