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Another common type are stationary "walk through" metal detectors used for .... fact by the time detectors were developed that could selectively detect desirable metals, ... The voluntary ...

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Why do serious metal detectorists use headphones? ... Some metals corrode faster than others. ... Rod-shaped items, especially when scanned end-on, are very difficult to detect unless they're made of iron and you're using a ferromagnetic detector, such .... We are not aware of any report of a hobby type metal detector ever ...

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Generally, the best type of metal detector for prospecting purposes is the type .... other metals (like copper)—which may read-out on a metal detector better ... But they generally do not have as much sensitivity in detecting smaller gold targets.

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But they can detect all types of metals including gold: ... Metal detectors will not detect nonmetal items such as gemstones, ... "To the sewers out there, do you feel sewing to make your own clothes is a vanishing craft?

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Jul 25, 2012 ... A metal detector can detect any type metal, foil, some wrapping paper, what is the ... the inspector will eventually know what kind they detected through their metal detector. .... Do metal detectors detect your navel piercing?

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Feb 1, 2009 ... There are many types of gold metal detectors with varying degrees of refinenmint and ... the operator can use to control the types of metals he or she wants to detect. ... You do not have to limit yourself to established gold fields.

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Even in the field of metal detecting there are some technical terms and definitions ... A metal detector can locate all type of metals like gold, silver, copper, aluminium, ... Ferrous metals contain iron while non-ferrous metals do not contain iron.

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The hobby of metal detecting has become very popular in many countries ... This guide explains how metal detectors work, and discusses different types of metal ... detectors do work well in areas where salt-water and metals can be detected.

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Well, most metals can be detected by a metal detector, but some metals which are a mixture ... Yes, metal detectors detect gold but there are different detectors that are optimized for different types of gold. ... Do metal detectors detect platinum ?

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Oct 5, 2013 ... I am looking at being able to detect aluminium (or other cheap metal if suggested ) with ultra ... What do you mean by "ultra high specificity"? ... The most basic metal detector is a BFO type and its search-coil inductance forms a ...

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How deep do metal detectors detect metals? What types of things will a metal detector help me find? What is discrimination? Can a detector be set only to ...

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Since all metals can conduct electricity and create electromagnetic fields, any metal can be detected by a metal detector. The sophistication and ...

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Though metal detectors will pick up a variety of metals including gold, silver, iron, brass, ... for different types of metal detecting as well as for specific types of metals. ... detectors can detect metal objects at greater depths than vlf, but they do not ...

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Metal detecting is a fun outdoor activity that is rewarding in more ways than one; ... than others, so it helps to know the best type of places to go detecting. ... So again, do your research to find out about historic goldfields. ... High conductive metals (e.g. silver) can be detected deeper than low conductive metals (e.g. lead) .

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Oct 1, 2010 ... The fact that the metal detector will detect your precious metals is ... the door off i do not think you have to declare precious metals at customs so ...