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A kite is traditionally a tethered heavier-than-air craft with wing surfaces that react against the ... Ancient and medieval Chinese sources describe kites being used for measuring distances, testin...

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However, whatever it was that inspired the kite, it is believed that the very first kite was ... Instead of being playthings, early kites were used for military purposes.

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In the history of flight, the first lighter-than-air balloon (1783) and the first ... To regain control, the General used a large kite to carry a fire ball into the sky.

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Kites were seen as technology, and it seems the first ones were invented in the ... Besides spying on enemy positions, kites were sometimes used to deliver ...

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It is not certain as to where the first kites came from, but it is said that they were first known to the people of the South Sea Islands. They used to use it to fish, ...

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In 1887, Archibold was the first person to take an aerial photograph from a kite, an application that is still practised today. Kites have been used as a cheap ...

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For centuries kites have been used in wars and battles, for signalling, lifting observers, ... The first powered aircraft were large box kites with motors fitted to them.

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In 1712, a thief named Kakinoki Kinsuke is said to have used a large kite to carry ... The first lighter-than-air balloon was flown in 1783 and the first powered ...

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The first use for kites was probably for signaling at a distance. The Chinese later used kites for numerous purposes, ranging from religious ceremonies to warfare  ...

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Originally, kites were used by the military to measure distance and wind directions, and to send messages. General Han Xin of the Han Dynasty (206 BC - 220 ...

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Though the exact origin is debated, it's believed the home of the first kite was Shandong, the ... As with any new invention, kites were used for good and bad.

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The first kites were what we today would call prototype kites: they were made of ... kites made of first silk and then paper (bamboo was a common material used ...

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No one knows for sure who first attached a paper membrane to a stiff frame with ... Alexander Wilson used kites to lift thermometers high into the atmosphere to ...