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Vietnam War (1959-1975)
In the late 1950s, a communist guerrilla force – the Vietcong – emerged in the south. Supported and supplied from Hanoi via a network of tracks known as the Ho Chi Minh trail, its ranks were boosted by southerners frustrated with the corrupt... More »
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Jun 8, 2013 ... 3 millions were wounded, and hundreds of thousands of children were ... The Vietnam War also left many long lasting effects on the veterans ...

How did the Vietnam War affect America? - The Vietnam War


Apr 7, 2016 ... On the eyes of American people, government leaders were no longer ... as “the Vietnam Effect” or “the Vietnam Syndrome”, which describes ...

SparkNotes: The Vietnam War (1945–1975): The Aftermath of the War


The most immediate effect of the Vietnam War was the staggering death toll. ... had succeeded in evicting the United States, its military problems were not over.

Effects of Vietnam War - Tripod


Essay on effects of the Vietnam War. ... Many Americans were affected by the war for so many had died and many more were wounded. North Vietnam was ...

The War's Consequences - Digital History


The Vietnam War had far-reaching consequences for the United States. It led Congress to replace the military draft with an all-volunteer force and the country to ...

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Jun 25, 2015 ... The transformative effect of the Vietnam War on the 1970s is therefore clear as a generation of Americans were shaken by political events at ...

The Psychological Effects of the Vietnam War - Stanford University


The Vietnam War, however, was different in many ways. First, it was the unpopular war as viewed by most people today. Vietnam veterans were the first to fight ...

American veterans - The Vietnam War and Its Impact


During the war approximately twenty-seven million American men dealt with the draft; 11 percent of them served in some fashion in Vietnam. As a consequence ...

What were the consequences of the Vietnam War? | Reference.com


In addition, the Vietnam War caused divisions in the Democratic Party and caused ... Vietnam veterans suffering from the psychological after effects of war.