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Camillo Golgi was an Italian physician, biologist, pathologist, scientist, and Nobel laureate. ... Golgi died in Pavia, Italy, on 21 January 1926. Drawing by Camillo ...

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Apr 20, 1998 ... Camillo Golgi was born in July 1843 in Corteno, a village in the mountains near Brescia in northern Italy, ... Golgi died in Pavia in January 1926.

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Camillo Golgi, (born July 7, 1843/44, Corteno, Italy—died Jan. 21, 1926, Pavia) Italian physician and cytologist whose investigations into the fine structure of the  ...

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Born in Corteno, a tiny village in the province of Brescia, Camillo Golgi studied at the ... Golgi then began to learn histological techniques under the direction of the pathologist Giulio Bizzozero. In 1872 ... He died in Pavia on 21 January 1921.

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Camillo Golgi Biography (1843-1926) ... Golgi was born in Corteno, Italy, on July 7, 1843, the son of a physician. ... He died in Pavia on January 21, 1926.

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On April 1898 Camillo Golgi communicated to the Medical–Surgical Society of Pavia, the ... Not only he did worked out the cycle of development of the malaria parasite ..... Über die feinere Struktur der Ganglienzellen des Sympathicus. Anat.

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Who:Camillo Golgi When:July 15, 1898. Why: To further understanding of the central nervous system. Methods: Golgi invented a method of staining by ...

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Camillo Golgi (1843–1926) was born at Corteno, near Brescia, in northern Italy. ... anatomical, A. Dröscher Institut für die Geschichte der Naturwissenschaften, .... Golgi apparently did not believe that this “apparato” was the communication net ...

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Camillo Golgi was responsible for inventing a specific staining technique for ... because he could not see with certainty that axons did not fuse to other cells. ... dies or an axon is cut, degeneration in the remaining parts of the neuron stop at the ...

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In 1906, the Spaniard Santiago Ramón y Cajal and the Italian Camillo Golgi shared the Nobel. Prize in ... reazione nera”) did not have a big impact on the scientific world at the time, ..... Thus, in 1933, a year before he died, he published an ...

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Camillo Golgi was born at Corteno near Brescia on July 7, 1843*, the son of a physician. ... He died at Pavia, where he had lived all his life, on January 21, 1926.

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Histochem Cell Biol. 1998 May-Jun;109(5-6):425-30. Camillo Golgi and the discovery of the Golgi apparatus. Dröscher A(1). Author information: (1)Institut für die ...

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Get information, facts, and pictures about Camillo Golgi at Encyclopedia.com. ... the research of Marchiafava and Celli; then in Pavia, between 1885 and 1893, he did important research on malaria, .... Golgi died in Pavia on January 21, 1926.