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The Roman conquest of Britain was a gradual process, beginning effectively in AD 43 under Emperor Claudius, whose general Aulus Plautius served as first governor of Roman Britain (Latin: Britannia)....

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Mar 29, 2011 ... Why Britain? Why did the Romans invade Britain in 43 AD? ... Roman leaders had to prove themselves first and foremost as army commanders.

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BBC Primary History - Romans - Invasion. ... Why did the Romans invade? How did the British fight back? ... Before the Romans invaded, Celts lived in Britain.

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Julius Caesar first landed in Britain on August 26th, 55 BC, but it was almost another hundred years before the Romans actually conquered Britain in AD 43. ... This they did and more and more of the Romans struggled through the waves to the ...

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Rome's British invasion and nearly 400-hundred-year rule was a paradoxical ... This three-part exploration of the Roman Empire's occupation of Britain ... Fun fact: the first permanent building in the Mile-High City in Colorado was a saloon.

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Roman helmet When did the Romans invade Britain? First invasion - Caesar's first raid. In August 55 B.C. (55 years before Jesus was born) the Roman general,  ...

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Roman Britain - Julius Caesar's invasion, followed by the final Roman ... Landing in present day Kent, he did battle with several tribes that summer, and did ... The plan at first was to limit the conquest to the lowlands of modern England, so a ...

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Nov 8, 2014 ... The Roman invasion and occupation of Britain Date Summary Detailed Information 26th ... Alban became the first Christian Martyr in Britain.

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From Julius Caesar's first landing on the shoreline of England in 55BC to the ... 54 BC - Julias Caesar's second expedition; again, the invasion did not lead to ... AD 43 - The Roman Emperor Claudius orders four legions to conquer Britain.

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The Roman invasion of Britain and life under Roman rule in England. ... With the Roman Conquest in 43 AD came the first written records of England's history. Julius Caesar had of ... The Romans never did succeed in subduing all of Britain.