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Acer negundo is a species of maple native to North America. Box elder, boxelder maple, ... Acer negundo is a usually fast-growing and fairly short-lived tree that grows up to ... It often has severa...

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Ash-leaf maple, California boxelder, western ... Boxelder produces sap high in sugar content and can ... native tree growing to 20 m tall, with broad rounded.

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It grows rapidly, can become very large and needs a lot of space. Boxelder is still a very common tree to see in a yard or park west of the Mississippi river.

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Boxelder (Acer negundo L.) tree varieties include the most widely distributed maples in ... The trees' fruit grow as winged samares, a v-shaped, flattened, papery ... Boxelders do not require much water, however in neighborhoods, pruning is ...

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General: Maple Family (Aceraceae): Boxelder is a native tree growing to 20 m tall , ... Box Elder is common throughout Illinois; it can be found in all counties (see ...

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Boxelder grows commonly along the banks of streams and rivers, and may occur as a weedy species in urban areas where its seeds are able to germinate.

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Jun 27, 2008 ... The ash-leaved maple, or box elder, is a fast-growing tree of limited ... Since such feedstock material can be replenished readily, biofuel is ...

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Aug 16, 2015 ... The boxelder is a fast growing , wide spreading, short stemmed tree of ... and ornamental purposes in areas where other trees do not grow well.

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Nov 13, 2015 ... Ash-leaf maple or box elder is usually a small to medium-sized tree, 35-50 ... Use Ornamental: This hardy, fast-growing tree can survive dry and ...

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of the Sanskrit name for the Chaste-tree (Vitex negundo ). The leaves of these ... Boxelder is known to the Lakota as cansuska , the Omaha as zhaba ta-zhon and the ... While associated with rivers and streams, it does not grow as close to the