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Class Actinopterygii
Actinopterygians, or ‘ray-finned fishes,’ are the largest and most successful group of fishes and make up half of all living vertebrates. More >>
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Fishing bait


Fishing bait is any substance used to attract and catch fish, e.g. on the end of a ... The greyish brown common earthworms are deep burrowing (anecic) and do ...

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Nov 22, 2008 ... There's a wide array of fishing baits to help catch different kinds of fish, such as spinner baits for bass fishing, tandem spinners for pike and ...

Fishing Bait - Which Type Of Fishing Bait should You Use?


Which bait do you use for which fish? That's a great question. ... A few suggestions of bait to use for different fish species are: Bluegill - maggots, grubs, worms, ...

A Beginner's Guide to Bait Fishing | Field & Stream


When these fish get finicky, some savvy anglers resort to ice-fishing baits: grubs and maggots. ... Use threadfin for hybrids and black bass hitting schools of shad on the surface .... Great article. it's amazing how many different fish can be caught on a ... working live bait and this article teaches beginners ho to do exatically t...

Best Lures: The Only 6 Baits You Need to Catch (Almost) Any Fish ...


Jan 31, 2014 ... Clear out your tackle box this spring and cast these super six baits. .... There's no telling how many species of fish have fallen for this boot-tailed softbait since its ... Tip: If one Sassy Shad is good, then five are even better.

How to Pick Freshwater Fishing Lures: 8 Steps (with Pictures)


Two Parts:Matching Lure Types to FishChoosing the Right Lure ... with many different types of lures, understanding which lures to use in which ..... As active as he is around the community, his favorite article on wikiHow is How to Do Nothing!

Bait and tackle information for anglers | Take Me Fishing


For many anglers, selecting, organizing and using fishing equipment is almost as fun ... The many types of bait and lures, the different fishing rigs and kinds of tackle, the ... meal worms and more: there are a wide variety of bait types to lure fish.

How to Catch Different Species of Fish - Fishing by Boys' Life


Expert advice on the best baits, locations and fishing techniques for catching bass, ... How to catch different types of fish .... Please do not use your real name.

12 Great Catfish Baits | Game & Fish


Mar 19, 2014 ... Dozens of different bait types are commonly used for catfish, with popular .... Shad guts do not tend to yield as many large fish as do chunks of ...

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Types of Fishing Lures | Fishingnoob.com


Soft plastic baits encompass a variety of different lures, mostly used for bass fishing. ... fishes the same water you do, ask them what kind of lures they like to use ...

Six Different Types of Bait Used for Fishing | - Livestrong.com


Aug 14, 2015 ... Fishermen commonly use bait to lure a fish into biting their hook. ... including the type of fish you want to catch, the abundance of certain baits in your ... Another bait that is good for catching walleye, and also pike, is leeches.

Baits to Use for Different Kinds of Fish | Trails.com


Baits to Use for Different Kinds of Fish. Different kinds of bait entice various kinds of fish. This is why it is important for an angler to figure out what species he is ...

What Type of Fishing Bait Should I Use? - T-REIGN Outdoor Products


Mar 26, 2013 ... There are many different types of live bait available including nightcrawlers, ... Generally when nothing else is working, live bait will catch fish. ... box and can be effective if used properly, but you do need to know a few tricks.

Fishing Bait Guide - Fine Fishing


Gaining enough knowledge about the baits to use for specific fish will ensure that you have ... be matched with the type of fish you want to catch, certain fish enjoy certain bait. ... such as trying to keep the bait fresh once you're done fishing, and you do not want ... Different baits are used for salt water compared to fresh wat...