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Tab Score: 1 / 1 While Excel is saving your file, it briefly displays a message on the status bar indicating ______. Student response: Background image of page 1 .

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Call a Number in an Email Message or Gmail Message. 38 ... Save a Phone Number. 52 .... Transfer Files Between Your Phone and a Computer ..... When prompted, tap Personalize your voicemail > Personalize Now and follow the ..... The Status bar displays icons to notify you of your phone's status (on the right), as well as.

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Context-sensitivity of menu bar and menus: The menu bar and menu ... The button bitmap and the shortcut keys indicate alternate ways to access the ... When displaying windows as Extra Large Icons, the PE sub-panel displays a .... Workbooks can be saved separately or as part of your Origin project file. ... The Status Bar.

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Data Review feature, the accountant can save time and work more profitably with your ..... When your accountant restores your QuickBooks file backup, she will have to .... Your QuickBooks title bar will indicate whether you have accountant's changes pending. 8. ..... displays the Accountant's Changes Pending message.

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Dialog boxes consist of a title bar (to identify the command, feature, or program ... and commit buttons (to indicate how the user wants to commit to the task). ... Open files; Save files; Open folders; Find or replace text; Print a document; Select .... When displayed, user initiated dialog boxes should always take input focus.

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There are many ways you can create a shortcut on your desktop. ... When Microsoft Excel opens, it displays an interface divided in various sections. ... By default, the Quick Access toolbar is equipped with three buttons: Save, .... The Status Bar .... good place to leave messages to other users of the same file, about anything, ....

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Building an Excel 2003 Invoice Application Using Visual Studio 2005 Tools for Office · Convert VBA Code to Visual Basic When Migrating to Visual Studio 2005 Tools .... If you omit this check box, your changes are saved in the document, and do not ..... returns a Boolean indicating whether or not the status bar is displayed.

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Feb 24, 2004 ... Insertion Point, Blinking vertical bar that indicates where text you type will be inserted. ... Status Bar, Displays page number, section number, and total number of ... If your file is not in the opened folder, click on the down arrow (next to folder ... When you save a new document for the first time, Word displays a ...

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When you have completed a reconciliation, your checks in the source module .... menu bar. The Bank Reconciliation main window displays (Figure 2.2). ... Select File > Financial Institutions > Bank Reconciliation > Setup from the ..... When you click Refresh, a status message will flash on your screen. .... Excel spreadsheet.

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3.3.1 Save Data ..... found on the Information and Support CD which accompanied your YSI ... Extract logged data and save to a file, as well as. ▫ ..... When any overlay page or tab is displayed that obscures the 'Live' or 'Table' .... A progress bar window will open to indicate the status of the ... Reset the transduce...

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The Windows 7 desktop is customizable, and your school or employer may have modified ... a title bar, which is a horizontal space that contains the window's name. ... It indicates where text, graphics, and other items will be inserted in ... While an Office program is saving a file, it briefly displays a message on the status bar.

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A number on the button indicates the number of new missed calls. 5 ... The status bar displays your user ID, and indicators of the following states: ... This feature only works when you are using your computer for phone calls. .... select Place a Call, a Microsoft Office Communicator instant message window is displayed briefly.

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Which Microsoft instant messaging applications does Cisco UC Integration for ... The status bar displays your user ID, and indicators of the following states: ... This feature only works when you are using your computer for phone calls. ..... or Place a Video Call, a Microsoft Lync instant message window is displayed briefly.