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Choosing a City. In the late 1700s, it was decided that our country needed a capital city. Our first president, George Washington, picked ... This spot would come to be called Washington, District of Columbia. Pierre L'Enfant, a city planner from ...

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The history of Washington, DC is rich, from the choosing of its location to its design to the ... Since its official founding in 1790, the nation's capital has been home to ... and South American country with a particularly large community of Salvadorans. A large ... just now Become a DC Insider when you sign up for our newsletter:...

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On December 31, 1857, when Queen Victoria chose Ottawa to be the common capital for the ... a large parcel of land on a spectacular spot overlooking the Ottawa River. Ottawa's position in the back country made it more defensible, while still ...

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Sep 24, 2009 ... Philadelphia, Pa., was the very first capital. ... In fact, nine different cities across the country have served as the nation's capital at one point or ... But don't think that our early politicians were just slacking off an enjoying a pint or ... He chose D.C. for its spot on the Potomac and to somewhat appeas...

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Jan 16, 2002 ... Where was the first capital of the united states - trivia question /questions ... One of the issues the President had to deal with was a permanent location for the country's seat of government. ... Washington chose an area that included land from the states of ... Please support us by liking / sharing our site: ...

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Can you spot the scarce resources needed to help the US win WWII? ... Let's think about the natural, human, and capital resources used in ... So, our human resources (the men of our country) were needed to go to war. ... have all the goods and services they want, so, they must choose some things and give up others.

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Other ancient cities that became capital include Vienna, Delhi, Paris, Rome, .... If you could have chosen the country in which you were born, other than your actual country, which would you choose and why? .... Why was that spot chosen? ... by liberals as the "birther," "Muslim," or "he'll take our guns"...

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Jul 5, 2010 ... Between Maryland and Virginia, Congress chose. To be the spot for the country's headquarters. President ... Originally, our nation's capital

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Apr 20, 2015 ... ... in a dispute over the placing of their new city, chose a spot on the Palatine Hill, ... Despite its current status as Italian capital and seat of the Vatican, ... Our country's bright minds could be shaping the industry, riding the wave ...

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Jul 4, 2015 ... The United States has capital, food surpluses and physical insulation in excess of every other country in the world by an exceedingly large margin. ..... That debt was owed primarily to the United States, which chose not to write off .... they could not easily assault New Orleans, the only spot that could truly ...

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Q: Who chose the spot for our country's capital.
A: george washinton. Read More »
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Q: Who chose the spot for the US country's capital?
A: George Washington chose the location based upon the site's accessibilty to the Potomac River and the fact that it had been agreed that the capital would be loca... Read More »
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When the U.S. Congress sought a new capital for the young United States in the late eighteenth century, it chose an obscure piece of undeveloped swampland on the Potomac River. ... 2001 terrorist attacked that rocked the country and especially Washington, D.C. and New York City. ... Discuss this city on our active forum.

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What is the country's winter baseball capital is? ... George Washington chose the location based upon the site's accessibilty to the Potomac River and the fact ...

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Jul 15, 2011 ... ... Congress chose as the permanent capital the as-yet-unbuilt District of Columbia, ... It made me the capital for ten years while a permanent spot was ... Our baseball pitchers are so impressive they have a group nickname, R2C2. ... From the founding of Pennsylvania Hospital, the country's first, in 1751, ...