The 5 Olympic rings stand for each of the 5 continents involved in the games; America, Australia, Asia, Africa and Europe.

Olympic symbols

The Olympic rings in front of the headquarters of the International Olympic ..... 2004 Games, although in this case it was bestowed together with the gold medal.

Why are the Olympic rings linked? |

The five multicolored Olympic rings are linked because they symbolize the unity of athletes from all parts of the world who participate and compete against one ...

Interpreting the Rings on the Olympic Flag - The Olympic Games

There are five rings on the Olympic flag and they are all linked together and each one is a different color. The five rings represent the five continents where the ...

The tradition and meaning of the Olympic Rings - The Olympic Games

Understanding the meaning of the Olympic rings and the traditional Olympic Flag. ... is the symbolism of the five different colored rings, all interlinked together.

Olympic Principles and Traditions | Go for the Gold Student Activity ...

The official symbol of the modern Olympic Games is five colored rings linked together. These rings represent the continents of North and South America, Africa , ...

Why are the Olympic rings linked -

The linked rings are the olympic symbol because each color of ring ... The Olympic symbol comparises of five rings are circles linked together to represent?

What Do the Olympic Rings Mean? | Mental Floss

Feb 8, 2014 ... The Olympic rings are everywhere this month, from the Athletes' Village in Sochi to cereal boxes in the U.S. Here's a look at what they're ...

The Olympic Rings - Janecky

A listing of (and links to) National Olympic Committee's with web sites. ... never said nor wrote that the colors of the rings were linked with the different continents.

The Open Scroll Blog: Part 2 - What does the Olympic Rings logo ...

Mar 14, 2010 ... The rings, their colors and the way they are connected represent all the people of the world, linked together, and undying! The colors chosen ...

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Q: Why are the olympic rings linked together?
A: They are interconnected to symbolise friendships gained from international competion. Read More »
Q: Why are the linked rings an olympic symbol?
A: The rings represent the five continents that compete in the Olympics (North America and South America are considered one continent) and they are linked to show ... Read More »
Q: Why are the linked rings an Olympic symbol?
A: These five rings - blue, yellow, black, green and red - represent the Read More »
Q: Why are the linked rings an olympic symbol?
A: It originally represented the five continents taking part in Olympic sport, but the following quote shows that this is no longer seen as true. "Prior to 1951, t... Read More »
Q: Why are the linked rings an olympics symbol?
A: That signifies unity in sports! Read More »