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Why does animated GIF just give link, not post as image? - Facebook


Was trying to post this animated gif to my page and it just gives a link to the image , but doesn't actually insert the animated gif as I have had happen i...

how can i view an animated gif file ? | Official Apple Support ...


May 16, 2011 ... So please how can i view the GIF file in its true animated form ?. tim .... I can't find one! Helpful (0) ... Either way is equally easy - I choose one or the other, depending on my mood and where the cursor is on the screen.

HTML Tutorial - Where are my images? - PageTutor.com


In short, the browser isn't displaying the image because the browser can't find it using the ... <img src="mypic.gif" width="100" height="80" alt="My Pic">.

Posting photos or GIFs on Twitter | Twitter Help Center


... the photo. You can't remove tags from a photo once it is Tweeted. ... If your animated GIF doesn't loop and plays a single time, it will display as a static image . ... Via twitter.com: Click the more icon and select Remove my tag from photo.

How do I upload images and GIFs? – Discord


Here we'll focus on two different methods of uploading images and other embedded media ... copy + paste a GIF or image URL into chat, and the link preview will display said image. .... @Cilantrelle... how long do the pics stay on my server?

Search, Discover, Share, and Create Animated GIFs | GIPHY


We accept both .gif files and movie files, and offer the best selection of sharing options once your GIF is hosted on ... HOW CAN I DELETE OR EDIT MY GIF AFTER I UPLOAD IT? ... You can't upload anything that violates our Terms of Service.

How To Get GIFs To Work on Facebook | Awesomely Techie


May 29, 2015 ... How you make a GIF display on a Facebook status. Find a GIF you love online. I do it by going to Google images, typing in what I want and “gif” after it. ... My already robust GIF folder of 4,500 is about to get some new additions ...

images - How to view animated GIFs in Android? - Android ...


Oct 22, 2010 ... I was hoping to avoid having to buy something, especially since my ... I'm not currently using any of them, so I can't speak to how they handle animated GIFs. ... Navigating to the folder the gif file(s) are in with another browser ...

How to post a GIF to Facebook: Upload animated images to ...


Jul 3, 2015 ... Step 1: As you can't upload your own GIF files to Facebook, you'll either need to create your own and upload it to another hosting site, or find a ...

Solved GIF pictures doesn't animate in windows picture viewer ...


i remember it was working well in my old PC which run XP ... Try right clicking on the animated GIF and choose preview. My System .... Windows 8.1 pictures are stripped in the small preview so i can't see what i'm opening until i've opened it. ... Windows Photo Viewer makes pictures yellow on 2nd monitor

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Fix problems that cause images to not show | Firefox Help


Still image file formats such as PNG, GIF, and JPG; Animated file formats like ... Animated content that is displayed through a plugin, such as the Flash plugin.

Cannot Display Animated GIF - Shopify Design — Ecommerce ...


Cannot Display Animated GIF ... I am launching a new product and want to put a few animated GIF''s on a Shopify Page ... However, I can't get it on to a Shopify Page. ... Keep in mind, my GIF of GOB was under 2MB (it was 1 MB to be precise) .

You Can Finally, Actually, Really, Truly Post GIFs on Facebook - Wired


May 29, 2015 ... Real, honest-to-goodness GIFs finally land on Facebook. ... Why can't you you just drag and drop like everything else? ... I always use FB on my computer, I have never used it on my phone. ... Uploading GIF images to your Facebook profile is an easy thing now. http://gif4me.com is a website which will ...