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Why Does My Dog... Kick The Grass After Pooping? - Vetstreet


Sep 26, 2011 ... Is your grass a hole-filled mess because your dog digs and kicks at it after pooping? Dr. Patty Khuly explains what's going on with this natural ...

Why Does My Dog Kick Her Back Legs Over Her Poop? - American ...


Apr 27, 2015 ... There's no Cover-Up When Your Dog's Hind Legs Kick Sand After Doing ... The deposition of urine and feces, in and of itself, can represent a ...

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground After Defecating? - Pets


Dogs of both sexes commonly scratch or scrape the ground with their hind paws immediately after ... Dogs scratch their own scent into the grass after defecating.

Preventing post-poop kicking? - Dogtime


Why do dogs kick and scratch after pooping? ... The post-poop dirt scratch is part of a pattern (like circling is part of the pre-poop pattern) so your timing needs to ...

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May 18, 2012 ... Kicking up grass after pooping: ... They may also do it to uncover a cooler surface . ... Chasing tails is typically more frequent in puppies.

Why Do Dogs Scratch the Ground After Defecating? - Cuteness.com


Jun 12, 2010 ... A little girl walking her dog on the grass in a park. ... When your dog kicks and scratches the ground after he poops, he's not ... Everyone Does It.

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Jun 18, 2016 ... Many dogs seem to have some unusual rituals when they poop, and, according to experts, ... Why Does My Dog Kick the Grass After Pooping?

Why Do Dogs Kick Grass? - PawPosse.com


Many dogs kick their back paws after defecating, and sometimes after urinating as well. Why do they do this? The Fake Reason Many people mistakenly think ...

behavior - Why does my dog wipe his paws on the grass after he ...


Oct 10, 2013 ... Why does my dog wipe his paws on the grass after he poops? ... Why does he scrape the grass with his paws? ... Kick Grass After Pooping?

Why do dogs kick back their hind legs after they poop? - Quora


I've always assumed it's an instinctive reflex left over from their evolutionary past. In ancient ... Why does my dog kick back with his hind legs against the ground? Kristen Lauterbach Craig, Dog trainer for 40+ years; Service and Therapy Dog; ...