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Sep 26, 2011 ... Is your grass a hole-filled mess because your dog digs and kicks at it after pooping? ... Is your yard a hole-filled mess because your dog does the poopy dance every time she goes? ... They are simply covering up the mess.


Apr 27, 2015 ... Many people think that when their dogs tear at the ground with their back feet after they have urinated or defecated that they're trying to cover ...


Dogs scratch their own scent into the grass after defecating. ... Most dogs will not tread in their own poop as they scrape, as they spread their paws wide enough to avoid the ... Allen specializes in travel, health/fitness, animals and other topics.


May 18, 2012 ... Kicking up grass after pooping: ... So when they are done using the bathroom, scratching the ground with ... Chase drive is when a dog chases after something but doesn't fully commit to it as a target. ... as laughing and smiling every time they chase their tail, they may do it to get that same reaction from you.


Jul 12, 2017 ... As dogs kick up dirt, they are leaving messages in the mess – a ... after a dog defecates can seem to go on forever, indulge your dog in this ...

Jun 18, 2016 ... Many dogs seem to have some unusual rituals when they poop, and, according to experts, these actions are often driven by their psychological ...


Have you ever wondered why your dog kicks and scratches at the grass after he ... Dogs have glands in their feet that release pheromones when they do their ...


Nov 14, 2014 ... Why Dogs Wipe Their Paws After Going To The Bathroom ... Some only do it after they defecate. Others, like my dog, do it after urinating. ... paws, but I've seen other owners refer to it as scratching the ground, or kicking up dirt.


Oct 16, 2016 ... Dog kick back legs after pooping or peeing: are dogs trying to bury their ... when dogs are about to start playing or know they are about to go on ...