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Piloerection | The Bark


Apr 4, 2012 ... When the hair on a dog's back goes up (technically called ... While sometimes aggressive dogs do exhibit piloerection, it is not true that it's ... a few inches wide) of hair all along their back to the base of the tail. ... The most confusing pattern is when a dog exhibits a patch of hair that is raised at the s...

Why Do Dogs Have Hackles? | Canidae Blog


Apr 25, 2010 ... It is similar to the hair going up on your arm, your head or the back of ... Small dog or dogs that are fearful may raise their hackles when they ...

All About Piloerection - Not a Dirty Word, We Swear! - Petful


Apr 17, 2012 ... It's not always a perfect line of raised hair and can be seen in ... My dog is the first type, with a straight line of raised hairs along the back and to ...

The Function of a Dog's Hackles - HubPages


Sep 15, 2015 ... Why do dogs raise their hackles and what's the function behind this mechanism. ... Ridgeback displays permanently raised hair on their backs.

Top Seven Signs a Dog May Bite - Dogs - About.com


Dogs can become aggressive for any number of reasons - fear, dominance, guarding ... In some dogs, just the hair on the back of the neck between the shoulders ... Still other dogs may have a ridge of hair that stands up down the entire length of their backs. ... His entire body may go stiff, and his ears and tail are raised high.

dog hair standing up | Dog training blog, Austin tx


May 27, 2009 ... Posts about dog hair standing up written by tarastermer. ... it had been wagging in a sweeping motion. The tail can tell you a lot about your dogs' mood. ... Some dogs will also raise the hair on their back. This is very important ...

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Are you a dog parent? We're here to help you keep your pup happy and healthy. Read more for a wide range of dog health and behavior tips that will help you ...

The Canine Language | The Balanced Canine


Oct 4, 2011 ... Well, I have good news for you, dogs do “talk” to us, and they do it a lot. ... the body is stiff vs relaxed, hair along the top of the back (piloerection), and the tail. ... Dogs that are uncomfortable will often lick their lips. .... What does it mean when in a standing position, she raises one paw and it is folded dow...

Body Language - Best Behaviour Ltd


Generally dogs do not like the Veterinary Surgery and in some instances may act ... the corner of the consulting room with his ears laid back, turned head and raised paw. ... cease their behaviour and when this fails to have the desired response the dog ... The eyes may be diverted but the hair over the rump may possibly be ...

Body Language - Stacy's Wag'N'Train - Effective, Positive Dog Training


See if you can predict which body stances lead to which activities or outcomes. ... Dogs that are aroused will often have their hair stand on end, usually the " hackles ... Some dogs get "raised hackles" more easily than others; it's like some people ... His back is arched with his butt and head lowered, his legs are b...

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Q: Why do dogs lose hair on their lower back by their tail.
A: Many times animals lose their hair as a result of old age just like people do. Read More »
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Q: Why Do Dogs Hair stand up on there backs?
A: It's called piloerection and it could be stress, excitement, fear, being unsure of another dog...OR aggression. But don't take it as necessarily BAD. Our 12 yea... Read More »
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Q: Why do dogs bark but theres nobady there and there hair in there ...
A: Dogs hear lots of things that we can't hear. If they hear something out of the ordinary they go into protector mode. They are on their guard and ready to defend... Read More »
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Q: Who Wrote This? "Absolutely Nothing" I read this in The Perks of ...
A: Answer 1. It's by Osoanon Nimuss and it's called "Absolutely Nothing" Answer 2. no clue, sorry. Read More »
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Q: Dogs Urinating? My question is why do some dogs raise a leg and o...
A: This often depends on what was modeled when they were pups. If the litter was not exposed to a male role model who showed them to lift their leg, they often don... Read More »
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