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As more and more people discover Wikipedia, the frequency of vandalism increases. ... They do not premeditate what the attack will be, but plan its location.


Name Course Instructor February 27th 2013 Introduction Vandalism is the ... I will discuss more on vandalism, why people do it and how we can prevent it.


Although most vandals do not have a clear motive for their acts, studies show that basic social ... Many young people are readily influenced by their peers.


Why people vandalize. • Boredom. • Anger. • Revenge. • Defiance. • Peer pressure. The price of vandalism. • Millions of dollars each year are spent on cleaning ...


Cleaning professional learning focus: graffiti removal, vandalism. ... Va., says many times people, especially children and adolescents, will use vandalism to vent. ... tend to vandalize out of anger, groups generally do so for social reasons.


Jan 31, 2012 ... Publicly viewable vandalism changes the atmosphere of a place. It may give the impression that the people in the area do not value their space ...


Reasons for vandalism include boredom, anger, racial and ethnic tensions, socioeconomic disparity and personal issues. Vandalism occurs in suburban and  ...


NCJ Number: NCJ 070758 Find in a Library. Title: Psychological Analysis of Vandalism. Author(s):, U Fuellgrabe. Corporate Author: Postfach 48 02 30. Polizei- ...


Vandalism - the willful destruction or defacing of property - is a crime. It's expensive to ... Do you see: ... People feel angry, hurt, and sometimes frightened when something of theirs - a mailbox, a bike, a car door - is destroyed for no reason.