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This is a fun article to tell you how to keep a wild toad that has been caught, in a new habitat. Remember to let it go soon, though. If toads are rarely found in your  ...

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Avoid keeping wild frogs as pets. Although it is possible to catch wild frogs to keep as pets, there are several things you ...

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When looking for a pet frog, particularly for the beginner, I strongly urge you to .... Frogs captured in the wild should be a frog that you KNOW, otherwise you take ...

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Nov 14, 2011 ... While some frogs make good pets, others do not. ... a larger, more suitable “frog pad” is set up, or until you release the frog back into the wild.
Learn how to care for a pet African bullfrog. More » Frogs for Pets&v=CDpREnk7sxg
Apr 13, 2015 ... My dad found Harvey and it's usually tradition to keep a frog over night and feed him, then let him go that same night.

Frogs as Pets - Pros and Cons and Good Species for Beginners

Important! Frogs can make lovely pets, but frogs in the wild are facing population declines and extinction largely as a result of human activities. Unfortunately, the ...

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Although your frog will be your pet of course, unlike furry pets, most frogs dislike ... Gathering them in your back yard is not a good idea since the wild cricket is ...

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Of the more than 4800 species known to science in the order Anura -- frogs and toads ... Never release an unwanted toad “into the wild” unless he is of a species  ...

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Wild-Caught Amphibians. Many amphibians are taken from their homes in the wild to be sold into the pet trade.

Popular Q&A
Q: Why is it a bad idea to keep wild frogs as pets?
A: In one word. parasites! Native "anything" don't make good pets because they often have parasites, bacterial and/or other diseases. Also, it's very difficult to ... Read More »
Q: Is it OK to keep a wild frog as a pet?
A: I would recommend that you not keep this frog. Animals born in the wild often become very depressed when taken into captivity. This can cause them to get sick a... Read More »
Q: Is It Okay To Keep A Wild Frog As A Pet?
A: Well I think it's fine for a while, but maybe you should release it back into the wild.But it's not like it has to be done. Read More »
Q: Can A Wild Frog Live As A Pet?
A: That wouldn't be very kind to the frog. It is better off living in the wild. Read More »
Q: How to Take Care of a Wild Frog.
A: 1. Research to find out what species of frog you have. This information will give you the ideal living conditions and diet for your frog. If you are unable to o... Read More »