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A woodlouse (plural woodlice) is an isopod crustacean with a rigid, segmented, long ... They live in very similar habitats, and they can both roll up into a ball.

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Woodlice, also known as slaters and pillbugs, are terrestrial crustaceans. ... Habitat preference. Woodlice need damp dark places to hide in during the day.

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Photographs and information from ARKive including description, range, habitat, biology, threats and conservation.

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The woodlouse is the only species of crustacean to inhabit inland and not watery habitats. There are thought to be over 3,000 different species of woodlouse ...

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Jun 25, 2003 ... The woodlice is a familiar creature to most people, various species appear all ... The woodlice share their habitat with other creatures such as.

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Habitat and behaviour of the woodlouse, Porcellio scaber.

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There are over 3.500 species of woodlice that can be found around the world. Woodlouse inhabits moist and dark habitats and usually hides under the stones ...

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Woodlice fact sheet. Woodlice may look like insects, but in fact they're crustaceans and are related to crabs and lobsters. It's thought there are about 3,500 ...

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WOODLICE AND THE LAND HABITAT. BY E. B. EDNEY. Zoology Department, Birmingham University. (Received 22 September 1953). CONTENTS.

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Students make observations about the places where woodlice are usually found and use this evidence to evaluate various claims about woodlouse behaviour.