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If you must refuel after dark, use only electric lights. To protect the ... Shut off all fuel valves and extinguish all open flames, such as galley stoves and pilot lights.

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You should check the bilges and all closed compartments for gasoline vapors. The sniff test is the most effective method for detecting fuel leaks. Tip: Always use the 'one-third rule': one-third of your fuel to get out, one-third to ... Open ports, hatches, and doors to ventilate. ... This button will open the glossary in a new ...

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It sounds simple enough — sidle on up to the gas pump, open the fuel tank and ... Seal the boat by shutting all windows, hatches and doors. This will help keep the gas fumes out. Fill the Tank. Decide how much fuel you'll need and find the gas fill. ... Now that you've filled your tank, make sure the boat is free of all gas fume...

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Sep 15, 2014 ... Stern drive or inboard powered boats have closed engine ... Disembark: As soon as you're safely tied up to the fuel dock, everyone should hop off the boat. ... Clean up: Replace the tank cap, open all hatches and doors, wipe up any ... from spilled gasoline, so use your nose first before you turn the key.

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(5) Open all doors and hatches to encourage evaporation. ... Before refueling built-in fuel tanks, close all doors, windows, and hatches. ... Whether you believe your boat's fuel tanks are half full or half empty, leaving a tank partially ... That means they should be within easy reach of you and your passengers so they can be ...

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Sep 29, 2014 ... If you have a choice as to which side of the fuel dock to land on, ... This will allow the wind to blow fuel fumes from your boat away from you, giving your vessel the best ... Close all hatches, doors, windows, ports and other openings to ... Shut off all valves and extinguish all open flames—such as galley ...

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A moving boat has the force to crush you – keep your body out of the way ... This handbook gives you all the boating basics – the essential ..... a tidal river, you should always moor facing the tide – and avoid mooring ..... you can. If not, refill the lock. ..... Close the shut-off valve and open windows, hatches or doors to ventilat...

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The last thing you want when you return to your boat after the winter season are ... Over the winter period you should consider moving any soft furnishings to a warm and ... This way all the filters are clean, water has been removed and corrosive ... cruising again, reconnect any pipes, refill the system and open the seacock.

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Mar 31, 2011 ... Refueling a boat is one situation that is laced with danger. ... are safety steps that can be taken to keep you and your passengers safe. ... You need to make it impossible for gasoline—either in a liquid or a ... After refueling, open up windows and hatches. ... All passengers should exit boat before refueling.

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All you need to know to plan and enjoy your holiday on the water .... and you will not normally need to refuel en-route. .... boat will be left open with the lights on for you to stay on board that night. .... To avoid any problems with marine toilets, you should ask all your crew .... Open all doors, windows, hatches, etc. to ventilate...

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you should open all windows/hatches after fueling your boat ... You need to refuel your boat When should you check to see that fuel lines connections and fuel ...

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The best place to refuel your pleasure craft is at your local marina. ... Their familiarity with your boat will ensure that refuelling is carried out safely and ... Do not smoke in the refuelling area; Close all doors, windows, ports and hatches ... You should also re-start the engine(s) before your guests re-board the pleasure craft.

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Refuel during daylight hours when an artificial light source is not needed (the electrical ... After fueling, open any ports, hatches and doors to ventilate fumes that may have ... If your boat has an inboard engine, you should always run the blower for at least four ... Step 5) Close all doors, windows, ports and any hatches .