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Zorbing (globe-riding, sphereing, orbing) is the recreation or sport of rolling downhill inside an orb, generally made of transparent plastic. Zorbing is generally ...


Welcome to The Original ZORB New Zealand, the worlds leading ball rolling brand and the original company that started the ball rolling adventure industry.

Aug 1, 2006 ... zorb zorbing. some older zorb zorbing footage. zorb zorb zorbing filmed and edited by Morgan Maassen bogus media. www.bogus08.com.


Everything there is about Zorbing, Zorb Activities, Zorb Balls and Water Balls. The site is fully packed with the best about Zorbing. Getting your own Zor..


The zorb balls could bring you exciting fun every time you use them! We offer multiple different sizes and designs that you can enjoy with your family or friends.


The Original ZORB New Zealand has been operating for over 19 years and is the iconic Rotorua adventure activity offering the unique experience of ZORB ...


Zorbing offers the experience of rolling downhill inside an inflatable ball. Find out more about zorbing -- what ball is made of and what the ride is like.


Book Zorbing or buy vouchers for the UK's largest Zorbing park. Prices from £ 25pp. Offering Hydro, Harness and the world's first Black Hole!


We sold out of Zorb in 2006 and along with my brother Dave we now own and operate the world's largest downhill park in the world at OGO. We invite you to try  ...