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Is My Cat Pregnant? How to Find Out and When to Expect Kittens


Is your cat pregnant? WebMD describes what to expect and when you'll have kittens!

How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant: 12 Steps (with Pictures)


Feb 12, 2015 ... How to Tell if a Cat is Pregnant. The typical gestation period for cats is about 9 weeks, and a pregnant cat will begin to display telling physical ...

Cat Pregnancy - A Week by Week Pregnancy Calendar | Pets4Homes


If you own a good quality, healthy pedigree cat and are considering breeding from her, you will need to spend a lot of time researching the process before...

Understanding the signs and stages of pregnancy and advice on ...


Cats can become pregnant very easily. Pregnancy can occur whenever a female (known as a “queen”) is in heat, which takes place several times a year from ...

Cat Pregnancy - Care For a Pregnant Cat | Cat Reproductions


Pregnancy in cats. How to tell if your cat is pregnant, how long is the gestation period & what care is required of the pregnant queen.

Cat Pregnancy: How to Tell if Your Cat is Pregnant & More | petMD


Cat pregnancy is nothing to panic about. Learn how you can tell if your cat is pregnant, how many kittens a cat can have, and more to prepare!

The Cat Gestation Period - How Long Are Cats Pregnant For?


The cat gestation period - how long are cats pregnant for and how are the figures for ... Detailed information on feline copulation and ovulation as it affects the cat ...

How Can I Tell if My Cat Is Pregnant? - Cats - About.com


It's very unlikely for a queen to fail to become pregnant when she is in heat, and unneutered male cats start hanging around. Spaying your cat before she goes ...

Pregnancy and Toxoplasmosis : The Humane Society of the United ...


Jul 11, 2013 ... You don't have to give up your beloved cat because you're pregnant. The CDC reports that pregnant women are more likely to get ...

Pregnant Cat Symptoms | PetCareRx


Mar 20, 2013 ... Even indoor cats slip out from time to time, and it's not uncommon for even a single encounter to result in pregnancy. So what are pregnant cat ...

Cats are pregnant for about 60 - 70 days, or 2 months.
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The Stages of Feline Labor - When Your Cat Gives Birth


Explains What To Expect When Your Cat Becomes Pregnant.

Cat Pregnancy and Cat Labour | Purina


From providing healthy nutrition and medical care to things to watch out for during labour, visit Purina today to find out more about cat pregnancy.