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A rain shadow is a dry area on the leeward side of a mountainous area (away from the wind). ..... This second extreme rain shadow effect partially explains the extreme aridity of the eastern Sahara ...

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You probably know how regular shadows form. But what about rain shadows? Learn why one side of mountains tends to be so dry, and why we call it the...

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Rain shadow definition, a region in the lee of mountains that receives less rainfall ... An area having relatively little precipitation due to the effect of a topographic ...

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Jan 6, 2013 ... Rain Shadow effect - This lecture explains about the rain shadow formation on desert. http://shomusbiology.com/ Download the study materials ...

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Oct 17, 2008 ... A rain shadow is a dry region of land on the side of a mountain range that is protected from the prevailing winds. Prevailing winds are the winds ...

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Rain shadows can be some of the driest places on Earth; the Atacama desert in the rain shadow of the Andes ... ... Rain shadows develop in areas shielded from prevailing winds by mountains. Hemera ... How Does Rain Affect the Plains?

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The Rain Shadow Effect. A science fair technical paper written by Matt Haugland.

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Shadow. From Wet to Dry. A State Cut in Two: A Second Rain Shadow. Definitions: – Arid. – Desert. – Leeward. – Orographic effect. – Precipitation. – Rainforest.

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Squeezing the moisture out of the air - read about these fascinating phenomena and how they affect precipitation patterns.

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On the lee side of the mountain range, rainfall is usually low, and the area is said to be in a rain shadow. Very heavy precipitation typically occurs upwind of a ...

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An area having relatively little precipitation due to the effect of a barrier, such as a mountain range, that causes the prevailing winds to lose their moisture before ...

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California's Saline Valley, in Death Valley National Park, is in the rain shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains. The mountains block most precipitation from ...

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The rain shadow effect occurs as warm, moist air rises against high elevations of land and drops its water along the way. This creates a region on the far side of ...