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To graph linear inequalities, start by drawing the line in the same fashion as you would with a linear equation. A linear inequality has many solutions that can lie above or below ...

How to Graph Linear Inequalities
A linear equation is an equation that makes a line when graphed. A linear inequality is the same type of expression with an inequality sign rather than an equals sign. For example, the general formula for a linear equation is y = mx + b, where m is the... More »
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Graphing Linear Inequalities - Purplemath


Demonstrates, step-by-step and with illustrations, how to graph linear (two- variable) inequalities such as 'y < 3x + 2'.

Graphing linear inequalities - Khan Academy


Learn how to graph two-variable linear inequalities.

How to graph a two-variable linear inequality (example) | Graphing ...


Sal graphs the inequality y<3x+5. ... Solving and graphing linear inequalities in two variables 1 ... Constraint solution sets of two-variable linear inequalities.

Graphing Linear Inequalities - Math is Fun


This is a graph of a linear inequality: The inequality y ≤ x + 2. You can see the y = x + 2 line, and the shaded area is where y is less than or equal to x + 2 ...

IXL - Graph a linear inequality in the coordinate plane (Algebra 1 ...


Fun math practice! Improve your skills with free problems in 'Graph a linear inequality in the coordinate plane' and thousands of other practice lessons.

Linear Inequalities, How To Graph the Equation of a Linear Inequality


To understand how to graph the equations of linear inequalities such y ≥ x + 1, make sure that you have a good understanding of how to graph the equation of a  ...

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Jan 9, 2011 ... This is a video lesson on Graphing Linear Inequalities.

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For questions 1 - 4, you will need paper and pencil to draw your graphs. If you have graph paper, please use your graph paper. You should be able to graph ...

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Q: How to Graph Linear Inequalities.
A: 1. Replace the inequality sign with an equals sign. For example, y>2x becomes y=2x. 2. Make a table of values by solving your equation for at least two values o... Read More »
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Q: How to graph linear inequalities?
A: First, sketch the line x + 2y = -4. Plot the points (0, -2) and (4, 0) Draw a dashed line through them. The required region contains all points above this line.... Read More »
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Q: How to graph linear inequalitys?
A: Assuming you mean a coordinate plane, not a number line. Graph them like you would a linear function except when it isn't an 'or equal to' use a dotted line. I'... Read More »
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Q: Activities to Graph Linear Inequalities.
A: Write a list of four to eight linear inequalities in one column and their corresponding graphs in a separate column in random order. Have students identify whic... Read More »
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Q: Graphing linear inequalities.
A: Graphing linear Read More »
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