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Iraq's economy is dominated by the oil sector, which has provided about 95% of foreign .... Despite its abundant land and water resources, Iraq is a net food importer. ... fires, and uncontrolle...

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Iraq has 115 billion barrels of proven oil reserves, the fifth-largest in the world. The economy is highly ... Iraq's Performance on the Resource Governance Index.

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Iraq also has a limited, but important, access to the Persian Gulf in the ... It is probably no surprise that the natural resources of Iraq are primarily mineral.

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Facts and statistics about the Natural resources of Iraq. Updated as of 2016.

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In 1958, a military coup d'état ended the monarchy, making Iraq a republic. Apart from petroleum, Iraq's other natural resources include natural gas, phosphates ...

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Land and Resources, Natural Resources. The natural resources of Iraq are primarily mineral. The country is well endowed with petroleum and natural gas.

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Nov 10, 2015 ... Fossil Fuels. That is Crude oil and Natural Gas. It also has notable reserves of ... Iraq: Mining, Minerals and Fuel Resources. 69 Views ...

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Aug 31, 2016 ... http://www.alsabaah.iq/ArticleShow.aspx?ID=122503 Iraq the richest country in the world in natural resources 10/9/2016 12:00 am Faris ...

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Natural resources. ... KRG publishes draft Federal Oil and Gas Law of Iraq in English and Arabic. The KRG and the federal government in Baghdad agreed a ...

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Sep 1, 2016 ... notes from the report that there is a natural resources in Iraq did not accounted .... And God granted Iraq 's natural wealth and the human mind ...

The natural resources of Iraq include: petroleum, natural gas, phosphates, sulfur.
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Iraq's primary natural resource is petroleum, but the country also has an abundance of natural gas, phosphates and sulfur. As of 2014, Iraqi officials report that ...

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Sep 24, 2012 ... Iraq, with a total population of 31129225 as of July 2012, is located in the ... The key natural resources in Iraq include natural gas, petroleum, ...

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Jun 18, 2012 ... Foreign Office Minister Lord Howell spoke about Iraq's natural resources and its potential to tackle the world's energy challenges at the Iraq ...