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Mercury is a major Roman god, being one of the Dii Consentes within the ancient Roman pantheon. He is the patron god of financial gain, commerce, ...

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Jun 7, 2016 ... Mercury, Latin Mercurius, in Roman religion, god of shopkeepers and merchants, travelers and transporters of goods, and thieves and tricksters ...

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Mercury. Mercury is god of trade and profit, merchants and travelers, but originally of the trade in corn. In later times he was equated with the Greek Hermes.

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Visit the Ancient world of the Roman god Mercury. Discover fascinating information about Mercury the Roman messenger of the gods. The legends and ...

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Jupiter was the king of all the gods. Mercury was his youngest son. Mercury's mother was Maia. Mercury had many talents. He could fly faster than most of the ...

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A 'resume' about the ancient god Hermes or Mercury.

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Mercury in Roman mythology, the Roman god of eloquence, skill, trading, and thieving, herald and messenger of the gods, presider over roads, and conductor of ...

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Mercury is the son of Jupiter and Maia, one of the Pleiades. Mercury is comparable to the Greek god Hermes; both are considered messengers of the gods.

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Explore the mythology and worship of the Roman god Mercury and test your understanding about ancient Roman culture, religion, and life in the...

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Mercury was the Roman equivalent for the Greek god Hermes.