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A physical property is any property that is measurable, whose value describes a state of a physical system. The changes in the physical properties of a system ...

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All substances have properties that we can use to identify them. For example we can idenify a person by their face, their voice, height, finger prints, DNA etc.

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Here is an explanation of what physical properties are and examples of several physical properties.

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Every time you look at an object, you observe its properties. In this lesson, you will learn about the physical properties of matter so you can...

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I. Physical Properties. A physical property of a pure substance is anything that can be observed without changing the identity (that is, the chemical nature) of the  ...

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Define physical property: a property (as color, hardness, boiling point) of matter not involving in its manifestation …physical property in a sentence.

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Nov 13, 2015 ... Physical properties can be observed or measured without changing the composition of matter. Physical properties are used to observe and ...

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Noun, 1. physical property - any property used to characterize matter and energy and their interactions. property - a basic or essential attribute shared by all ...

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Chemistry Basics : Intensive Versus Extensive Properties. Physical properties of matter are categorized as either Intensive or Extensive: Intensive - Properties ...

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Learn more about physical and chemical properties of matter in the Boundless open textbook.

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Physical properties can be observed or measured without changing the composition of matter. Physical properties are used to observe and describe matter.

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A physical property is any property of matter or energy that can be measured. Some examples of physical properties can show what this means.

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The general properties of matter such as color, density, hardness, are examples of physical properties. Properties that describe how a substance changes into a ...