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In the burial practices of ancient Rome and Roman funerary art, marble and limestone sarcophagi elaborately carved in relief were characteristic of elite ...

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A sarcophagus (meaning “flesh-eater” in Greek) is a coffin for inhumation burials, widely used throughout the Roman empire starting in the second century A.D. ...

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A Roman Sarcophagus and Its Patron. JEAN SORABELLA. Assistant Museum Educator, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Assistant Professor of Art History  ...

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Sarcophagi are among the most fascinating and attractive of Ancient Egyptian antiquities. Survey suggests that they are among the top must-see travel deals ...

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A sarcophagus (plural, sarcophagi) is a box-like funeral receptacle for a corpse, most ... However, there are many important Early Christian sarcophagi from the 3rd to 4th centuries. The limestone r...

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Category: Egyptian Crafts and Sculpture, Content: The most important object of royal tombs from the Early Dynasty was the sarcophagus. It's purpose was the ...

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May 17, 2016 ... The Amathus sarcophagus, limestone, Cypriot, 2nd quarter of the 5th ... In Italy from about 600 bce onward the Etruscans used both stone and ...

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Beginning in the 11th Dynasty boxlike sarcophagi of wood or limestone were in use in Egypt and ... In the case of royalty some were made of solid gold or silver.

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First used in Ancient Egypt and Ancient Greece, the sarcophagus gradually became popular throughout the ancient world. It carried over through the later years ...

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