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To identify a snake in Texas, check the snake's color, pupil type and the shape of the snake's head. The pattern on the snake, such as diamond shapes or stripes, may also be used f...

Learn to Identify Snakes
To identify a snake, you need to consider several aspects of its appearance: body type, head shape, eyes, scales, patterns, color, and tail. Some snakes have other specific features.

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Snake Identification. USA and Canada are home to a large number of different species of snakes. Many species are similar in appearance and are extremely ...

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This is not a scientific key to identifying snakes found in California. It is meant to be used as a basic tool for the novice who wants to identify a snake primarily by ...

Snake bites range from harmless to deadly, depending on where you are in the world and what type of snake bites you. These pictures of snake bites are from readers just like you. Have a snake bite picture? More »

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Texas Glossy Snake... Arizona occidentalis [popup] Mojave Glossy ... Corn Snake ... Elaphe obsoleta [popup] ... Farancia erytrogramma [popup] Rainbow Snake.

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Snake Identification Database Questionnaire. Please answer the following questions based on the snake you wish you identify. You will be provided a list of the ...

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Jun 18, 2001 ... This Quick I.D. is a way to learn what kind of snake it is that you have. Even if you only see a snake in the wild and you can't get a close look, ...

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Identifying snakes has little to do with the myths surrounding poisonous and non- poisonous characteristics and has more to do with body type classification.

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Snake Identification Key ... Common Gartersnake (Formerly Common Garter Snake) range ... Dekay's Brownsnake (Young) (Formerly Brown Snake) range ...

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Q: Snake identification.
A: Hi, Nice snake!  The snake in the photo is definitely a Boa Constrictor (scientific name: Boa constrictor)  I am not sure of the subspecies, but it looks like i... Read More »
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Q: Snake Identification.
A: I cringe at the sight of this.it almost brings me to tears.you couldn't have shown me a dead snake in the entire world that I would find sadder.  . The (dead) s... Read More »
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Q: Snake identification?
A: Look up Gray Rat Snake, it's possible that's what you saw. Source(s) studying wildlife management in college, future herpetologist. Read More »
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Q: snake identification?
A: Without a picture it can be pretty hard to tell. See if this identification site can help: http://www.flmnh.ufl.edu/herpetology/fl-…. A Florida brown snake seem... Read More »
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Q: Is anyone good at baby snake identification?
A: we have them here they dont grow to be very big if its the same kind but we shoot them because they are venomous and the yellow ring actually turns a blackish o... Read More »
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