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The domestic yak (Bos grunniens) is a long-haired domesticated bovid found throughout the Himalaya region of southern Central Asia, the Tibetan Plateau and ...

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Wild yak, showing habitat - View amazing Wild yak photos - Bos mutus - on ARKive.

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Habitat: The wild yak occurs (or has occurred) in treeless uplands, including plains, hills, and mountains, from as low as 3200 m (10,500') ...

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HABITAT: Yaks live in the grassy plains of the mountains, being one of the very few animals that live at such a high altitude.

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Habitat and Ecology: Wild Yaks live in the alpine tundra, grasslands, and cold desert regions of the northern Tibetan ...

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Yaks live throughout elevated regions of Central Asia and China. Parts of Nepal, Mongolia and Russia also host populations. Elevations between 14000 and ...

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Where wild yak have held on or increased in numbers, interactions and conflicts with domestic pastoralists have increased, and habitat loss and increasing ...

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Dec 16, 2014 ... Learn more about the yak at the Animal Facts. Here you can discover their appearance, diet, habitat, lifespan, breeding, behaviour, status and ...

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Nov 10, 2008 ... The yak is a herd animal found in the mountainous regions of central Asia. The yak tend to gather in herds from 10 yaks to 100 yaks, most of ...

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Yaks are able to withstand temperatures of -40 degrees. They've even been seen ... Wild yak are threatened by habitat loss and over-hunting by humans.