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5400 RPM vs. 7200 RPM Hard Disk
In computer hard disks, the terms "7200 RPM" and "5400 RPM" refer to the rotational speed of the motor that drives a hard disk's spindle. A hard disk with a faster rotational speed can transfer data more quickly. However, increasing a hard disk's... More »
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Given two identically designed hard drives with the same areal densities, a 7200 RPM drive will deliver data about 33% faster than the 5400 RPM drive.


Hello,why does hp put a 5400 1TB hard drive in rather thatn 7200 rpm? will I notice much difference if I buy the p6340 with a 5400 rpm drive?


Hello, Could you please give me some advice on choosing my new hard drive? I' m choosing WD for it's reputation as a reliable hard drive ...

Mar 5, 2014 ... When it comes to hard drives, does faster RPM always equal higher performance ? Let's watch and see what a WD Engineer has to say about it.


I'm ready to upgrade but both speed drives are offered as thou they are the same - which is better in the long haul with 2TB's or better?


So I'm looking for a second hard drive to record game play to, and I'm wondering if I will see any difference between the two speeds? This will ...


Some sites say that the 5400 rpm are better, because the preformance per price compared to 7200 is way better, 5400 rpm drives are more ...


7200 RPM drives will run a tad hotter than 5400 RPM drives. ... If the 7200 RPM has a 32mb cache vs a 5400 RPM with a 16 mb cache, you are ...


Sep 30, 2011 ... Still viable, today's 5400RPM drives are even faster than 7200RPM drives from a just few years ... Perpendicular Magnetic Recording (PMR) vs.