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Ursula and Sabina Eriksson - Wikipedia


Ursula and Sabina Eriksson (born 1967) are Swedish twin sisters who came to national attention in the United Kingdom in May 2008 after an apparent episode of folie à deux (or "shared psych...

Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome After Continuous-Flow ... - JACC


Oct 5, 2010 ... Results Seventy-nine HM II devices were implanted. ... Acquired vW syndrome was defined as the decrease in or absence of the largest vW .... Thirty-one patients (27 men) with HM II support were evaluated for vW syndrome; ...

Project management: doing it better - Mindconnection's


Avoiding "9 men in a Volkswagen" syndrome: How to handle resource problems without making a fool of yourself. Too often, project managers fail to staff ...

Foreign Accent Syndrome As a Psychogenic Disorder: A Review


Apr 27, 2016 ... Keywords: foreign accent syndrome, psychogenic, non-organic FAS, speech disorder, review ... Men had a mean age of 56 years and 2 months (range 30–74 years, SD: 17 ... Two patients were self-proclaimed monolinguals [cases 8, 9], ...... F. R., Zue V. W., Picheny M. A., Durlach N. I., Braida L. D. (1983).

Mucosal neuromata syndrome (MEN type IIb (III)).


Mucosal neuromata syndrome (MEN type IIb (III)). ... Multiple mucosal neuromata with endocrine tumours: a syndrome allied to von Recklinghausen's ... 1985 Sep; 60(9):870–872. .... [PubMed]; Ibanez ML, Cole VW, Russell WO, Clark RL.

Association of symptoms with urodynamic findings in men with ...


Aug 29, 2012 ... We conducted a retrospective study of all UD studies involving men ... The ICS defines overactive bladder (OAB) syndrome as urgency, .... prevalence of OAB might be greater than that reported previously [9]. ..... 25 Nitti VW.

Acquired von Willebrand Syndrome After Continuous-Flow ...


Jul 2, 2010 ... Seventy-nine HM II devices were implanted. .... Acquired vW syndrome was defined as the decrease in or absence of the largest .... 53 ± 2 years, 80.6% men) with an HM XVE who underwent HT during the same time period.

Von Willebrand Disease | National Hemophilia Foundation


VWD is the most common bleeding disorder, affecting up to 1% of the US population. It is carried on chromosome 12 and occurs equally in men and women.

The Yentl syndrome is alive and well | European Heart Journal


Mar 10, 2011 ... More women than men die annually from ischaemic heart disease (IHD) in the ..... with cardiovascular disease: report of a DCRI Think Tank, March 8 to 9. ... Pinn VW,; Redberg RF,; Scott R,; Sherif K,; Smith SC Jr.,; Sopko G, ...

Tai VW - UCSF Profiles - University of California, San Francisco


... lipoprotein profiles in children with obesity and metabolic syndrome. ... 2010 Sep; 95(9):4361-6. ... 1999 Nov-Dec; 23(6 Suppl):S202-9. ... Lo JC, Mulligan K, Tai VW, Algren H, Schambelan M. "Buffalo hump" in men with HIV-1 infection.