How to Install Audiobahn Immortal
The Immortal series of subwoofers from Audiobahn car audio is designed for the car-audio competition environment. In addition to high-power capacity – 2,250 watts of continuous power -- the Immortal series has a specialized appearance as well. The... More »
Difficulty: Easy

Immortal Woofers - Audiobahn

Designed specifically for the competition environment, Audiobahn presents the IMMORTAL Series subwoofers. Their quad 2 ohm voice coils can handle up to ... Immortal&v=Ti1fhmBx9_c
Apr 23, 2011 ... Just a JVC deck with 2 12" Audiobahn Immortals powered by a Power Acoustik 5500 watt Gothic Series Amp and a 1200 watt 4channel amp to ... Immortal&v=iI4s8YXXxco
Jul 19, 2008 ... when alphasonik came out with the mayhem was it to be the high end immortal b.c i noticed that they are slightly more than the audiobahn and i ...

Audiobahn AWIS15J (AW-IS15J) 15" Quad 2 ohm Immortal Subwoofer

Audiobahn AWIS15J • 15" Quad 2 ohm Immortal Series Car Subwoofer 15" Immortal Series Subwoofer • 2250W RMS • Ultra Light 2-Layer Carbon Fiber Kevlar ... Immortal&v=8mY15_GbB7U
Feb 25, 2011 ... Single 10 inch audiobahn immortal series sub in a ported 3cuft box. Box is tuned to 35 hz. Powered by a Power Acoustik BAMF 40001D amp.

review of Audiobahn Immortal 12 - Car Forums and Automotive Chat ...

Aug 15, 2004 ... I did remember from somewhere though someone stating that DD designed the Immortals not Audiobahn (2003 model not the shitty new ones).


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AudioBahn Immortal setup with two immortal 12s and 2 immortal 15s ...

A= AMA24001DH B= AWIS15J C= AWIS12J D= AMA36001DH Been a while sense I have done ohms law calculations but if the maths correct ...

Audiobahn Car Subwoofer | eBay

Find great deals on eBay for Audiobahn Car Subwoofer in Car Subwoofers . ... Pair of 2 Audiobahn AWIS12P Immortal 12" 4000 Watt Quad Car Subwoofer ...

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Q: How to Install Audiobahn Immortal.
A: 1. Measure and cut two lengths of 14-gauge wire long enough to connect the Immortal subwoofers to the amplifier. Measure and cut two lengths of wire long enough... Read More »
Q: How do Audiobahn Immortals sound?
A: Never, ever, buy a subwoofer that you haven't heard for yourself. What sounds awesome to me, may very well sound like crap to you, and vice versa. If you're pla... Read More »
Q: How do you wire up a audiobahn immortal
A: Is it a singel or dual connector. can u conn 2 or 4 speaker wires je Read More »
Q: What is the best amplifier for a Audiobahn immortal 12 inch subwo...
A: An amp that has been recommended for the Read More »
Q: Where can I find expert review on AudioBahn Immortal Series AWIS1...
A: The Immortal Series Subwoofer from Audiobahn is a flagship for power. Capable of handling as much as 2000 watts RMS, this woofer is designed for extreme audio e... Read More »