Basic4GL (B4GL; from Basic for openGL) is an interpreted, open source version of the BASIC programming language which features support for 3D computer ...


Click here to Download the Basic4GL installer for Windows (98, XP, Vista, 7). ... Basic4GL is a free programming language for Windows computers with built in ...

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These are tutorials about programming using Basic4GL. If you would like to ...

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BASIC4GL Help. This is for any questions or problems regarding BASIC4GL code. Moderators: Tom Mulgrew, dodic, Supermonkey, davy. 1,078, 7,058, timer

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Includes an IDE, extended BASIC syntax, built-in database engine, built-in email and Internet functionality.

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Basic4GL (B4GL) is an awesome, easy-to-use, free programming language that allows you to use the power of openGL graphics with the simplicity of BASIC ...

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Because of that, and not to conflict with with 4GL as general programming concept (BASIC is in principle also Fourth Generation Language, as opposed to C, ...

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Basic4GL is a FREE BASIC programming language that offers the programmer BASIC syntax wrapped into an OpenGL shell. Up until recently it ...

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Apr 26, 2015 ... Basic4GL Subroutines - Basic4GL uses an ancient method of subroutines. Since this method is not generally used by modern-day BASICs, ...

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GLBasic - multiplatform development in BASIC ... FREE-4-SCHOOLS ... high performance programs; with the easiest, most intuitive, BASIC language available.

Popular Q&A
Q: Can someone tell me why this basic4gl program does not render?
A: Maybe because you declared the incorrect variables. Read More »
Q: Is Visual basic a 3GL or 4GL?
A: Give that a definite 3GL. 4GLs are supposed to get into the neighborhood of natural language processing. Outside of its GUI features, VB is definitely a 'tradit... Read More »
Q: How to Enable OpenGL Nvidia Quadro for CS4.
A: 1. Turn on your computer and log in. Start Photoshop by clicking the "Start" button, then "Programs, then "Adobe" and "Photoshop CS4. (Mac users click "Go, then... Read More »
Q: What is the difference between 3GL and 4GL?
A: I'm surprised with the lack of information about this on the internet: The 3rd generation is the first generation that allowed a program to be run on a differen... Read More »
Q: Why 4gl is called non procedural language?
A: because it is non-procedural language, in this language object oriented languages are use to develop software application. Read More »