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Cai Lun courtesy name Jingzhong (敬仲), was a Han dynasty Chinese eunuch and official. He is traditionally regarded as the inventor of paper and the ...

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lun. Cai Lun (50-121). 2009 Paper Industry International Hall of Fame Inductee. Han Dynasty China. Of the many inventions of ancient China, four have been ...

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Chinese court official who is traditionally credited with the invention of paper. Cai Lun was a eunuch who entered the service of the imperial palace in 75 ce and ...

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It was recorded in the history of Later Han of the fifth-century that Marquis Cai Lun of the Eastern Han Dynasty used inexpensive materials such as tree, hemp ...

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Cai Lun (Traditional Chinese: 蔡倫; Simplified Chinese: 蔡伦; Hanyu Pinyin: Cài Lún; Wade-Giles: Ts'ai Lun) (ca. 50–121 C.E.), courtesy name Jingzhong (敬仲),  ...

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Cai Lun, a person of the Eastern Han Dynasty, is usually associated with the invention of papermaking. He contributed to the art by significantly enhancing the  ...

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May 27, 2010 ... Cai Lun - The inventor of Paper ... [Documentary HQ] Cai Lun and Paper Making / Part 01 2/2 - Duration: 13:11. chinesecivilization2 1,911 ...

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Apr 16, 2012 ... Do you know who invented the process of making paper? Paper has existed in China since the 2nd century BC, but it was Cai Lun (蔡伦) (ca.

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Cai-Lun's invention of paper is considered one of the most amazing and important inventions of all time, because it enabled China to create and develop their ...

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Cai Lun is the man most often credited as the inventor of paper. Despite this incredible achievement (he is ranked as the seventh most influential pers...

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Cai Lun (AD 50-121) Inventor of paper. Cai Lun (Ts'ai Lun) was born in Guiyang during the Eastern Han Dynasty. After serving as a court eunuch from AD 75, ...

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Cai Lun was a Chinese eunuch who greatly reformed the art of papermaking. ... While most of the literati did not favor the paper, Cai saw the prospect of paper, ...

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Cai Lun is the inventor of paper and the paper-making process, one of China's four greatest inventions that affected all of humanity.