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Static routing is a form of routing that occurs when a router uses a manually- configured routing ... Static routing and dynamic routing are not mutually exclusive. ... Enterprise-level Cisco routers are configurable using the Cisco IOS command ... by specifying the exit interface rather than the "next hop" IP address of the router.


If you decide to use private address space, you don't ... Because private addresses have no global meaning, routing ...


Jan 11, 2006 ... We are currently unable to access our public ip address from inside our .... not have a route for the address in your routing table.


Any Internet Protocol (IP) addresses used in this document are not intended to be actual ..... To allow traffic from hosts that are using private addresses to access .... Summarizing IP addresses ensures that there are no entries for child routes,.


5 NON-CISCO IP ADDRESS SPACE IN THE CISCO IT ROUTING TABLE ..... Private addresses should be assigned to IP phones, because they do not require  ...


ip nat inside source static ... a route-map command on the ...


Mar 30, 2015 ... These IP addresses are not routable on the Internet. They are intended for use in private networks. ..... For a more thorough explanation of IP routing, see the " Related Documents" section for a list of documents related to IP ...


Feb 12, 2014 ... Note IP routing protocols sometimes treat secondary addresses differently ... Because there is no network default route, the router discards the packet. ..... NHRP is used to facilitate building a Virtual Private Network (VPN).


Aug 27, 2004 ... CCNP 1: Advanced Routing Companion Guide (Cisco Networking ... However, private hosts that are not connected to the Internet can use any ... RFC 1918 sets aside three blocks of IP addresses for private or internal use:.