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Epiphone's timeless Emperor Regent still sets the standard for jumbo jazz boxes ... capitol of the world and it was also the capitol of the archtop guitar world, too.


Epiphone Emperor Regent arch-top hollowbody electric guitar Jazz. $600.00. 0 bids. For sale is a Korean-made sunburst Epiphone Emperor Regent. It has a ...

Feb 11, 2013 ... Epiphone Emperor Regent clean sound on Twin Reverb. Laminated select spruce top Laminated maple sides and back 3-piece set maple ...
Dec 3, 2014 ... I owned and played a lot of hollow body jazz guitars in the past 30 years. Hand carved arch top guitars, laminated jazz guitars, luthier guitars, ...


Product page for Archtop electric guitars from Gibson.


If you can find a used one, and I don't think it difficult, these guitars are an outstanding value. A great way to ge... fendamp's review of epiphone Emperor Regent ...


6 user reviews on Epiphone Emperor Regent. ... Very nice looking floating bridge that matches the guitar's look perfectly. UTILIZATION Very ergonomic neck.


The Zephyr designation in the Epiphone line indicated an electric guitar. The Zephyr Emperor Regent was introduced in 1950 featuring a full-depth 181?2″ ...


Epiphone Emperor Regent Tenor. 1951 Emperor Regent Tenor Headstock. 1951 -1957; 4-string tenor guitar. Body:.